Paris Olympics Games logo revealed with fanfare, and very mixed reaction

Designers of the new logo for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games say it is a combination of meaningful images, but people are divided on just what those images […]

‘Panic here is real’: Dem donors reportedly asking about late entrants to defeat Trump

If you’re not convinced that the Democrat Party desperately wants to ensure that President Donald Trump doesn’t secure a second term in the White House, you have […]

Expanding Durham probe could ‘justify’ Trump, provide ‘ammo’ against Dem’s impeachment

Democrats pushing allegations against President Trump amid their impeachment inquiry might want to take note of another ongoing investigation that could punch sizable holes in their narrative. […]

Obama and Robert De Niro buddy up in NYC for a ‘meeting of the minds’

Former President Barack Obama was spotted having dinner Monday evening with actor Robert De Niro in New York City. The two were joined by Apple CEO Tim […]

Lindsey Graham backs Trump: Dem’s ‘sham’ impeachment ‘a lynching in every sense’

President Donald Trump essentially broke Twitter early Tuesday with a tweet that compared the Democratic Party’s partisan impeachment effort to “a lynching.” Complaining about a suspect process […]

Former Dem Party chair rips ‘useless’ Tom Perez for failing to come close to RNC coffers

DNC Chairman Tom Perez was torched by a former state Democratic Party chair over the party’s failure to compete with Republicans in fundraising efforts. Democrats are becoming more […]

Romney’s ‘pathetic’ excuse for ‘Pierre Delecto’ earns him more scorn and mockery

Sen. Mitt Romney earned another round of criticism after he appeared to defend his use of a secret social media account. The Utah Republican was mocked for […]

Two college students seen in video yelling racial slurs could face jail time, expulsion

Two white University of Connecticut students were arrested Monday for having repeatedly yelled the n-word in an empty parking lot on campus earlier this month and now face […]

Trump uses word ‘lynching’ to describe impeachment scam, ‘black trauma-porn addicts’ go nuts

President Trump took to social media early Tuesday to liken the Democratic Party’s partisan impeachment inquiry to “a lynching.” Needless to say, the tweet sent race-baiting anti-Trump […]
‘The View’ divas pile on ‘useful idiot’ Tulsi Gabbard: ‘Hillary’s been dead-on with so many things …’

Joy Behar, co-host of “The View,” defended Hillary Clinton’s attempted smear of 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, saying that if Gabbard isn’t a “Russian asset,” […]

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez joint debut in Walmart’s frozen food aisle

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and her fiance, retired MLB star Alex Rodriguez, will be the faces behind a new line of allegedly “restaurant-quality” but affordable frozen meals […]

‘Obvious to me’: Worlds collide when Beto claims Trump is a Nazi taking orders from Russia

Life comes at you fast when trying to keep up with unhinged progressive Democrats. According to 2020 Democratic presidential long shot Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, President Donald […]