Pelosi’s meeting melodrama was a ‘disservice to women,’ New York Post columnist says

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A New York Post columnist thinks that despite the left’s adoration of Nancy Pelosi over the viral photo of her pointing at President Trump, the House Speaker has actually done a “disservice” to women.

Columnist Miranda Devine told “Fox & Friends” on Monday that Pelosi chose to “grandstand” instead of taking the important national security meeting with the president seriously, storming out of the White House gathering last week in a disagreement over Trump’s Syria decision.

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Devine lamented that the “feminist establishment” has “enhanced” Pelosi’s position with progressives and the left after the photo was used to tout the Democrat leader for confronting the president.

“I think it shows her in a terrible light. It’s a disservice to all women because instead of actually doing her job … she’s decided, instead, to take the low road, to showcase, to grandstand, to storm out,” she said.

Devine also noted that Trump’s body language in the photo was very telling.

“He has his hands in his lap under the desk, he’s got very neutral body language,” she said, explaining that in the #MeToo age, “it’s not a level playing field” and men have to “emasculate” themselves with women in the workplace.

She noted that Pelosi has an “advantage” over Trump who would have “fired on all cylinders” if the speaker was a man. But Devine argued that Pelosi should use that advantage “for good.”

“I think he showed remarkable self-restraint. The problem is, I don’t think he should be engaging with Nancy Pelosi at all, because she so skillful,” she said, adding that women need to be using their new-found power carefully or else risk losing it.

Devine’s appearance on Fox News followed the publication of an opinion piece she wrote which was published by the New York Post on Sunday, addressing Pelosi’s “antics.”

Progressives believe the viral photo of Pelosi is “a symbol of female empowerment,” but Devine contends it is “more a symbol of female entitlement.”

“It’s an embarrassment to women who want to be judged on their merits, not given special treatment by men through melodrama and flouncing hysterics,” she wrote.

“The meeting was supposed to be about national security and Syria. But instead of trying to find a constructive middle ground, Pelosi took the opportunity to stage another petulant outburst and storm out to the waiting media for whom she can do no wrong because she dresses stylishly, adjusts her sunglasses just so, and is a progressive 79-year-old woman who persists,” Devine continued.

Pelosi “brings disgrace on our sex,” the columnist added, but pointed out that the photo did not do Trump any favors either.

“On Trump’s side of the table, the other seven men visible look either mortified or resigned. They are like naughty boys held back in a classroom as the bossy mean girl lectures them,” she wrote.

“Trump’s paranoid street-fighter instinct might be effective in the short term, but it ends up sullying the people he needs to help defend his presidency. He can’t win the next election alone and he’s running out of people to burn,” she added, explaining on Fox News how the president can rise above the relentless attacks by the Democrats.

“Have a meeting, but if she starts berating you, just sit there and look at her with just a look of neutrality on your face,” she advised Trump. “Make her look like the fool.”

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