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Megyn Kelly mulling unconventional comeback into the world of news

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Former Fox News host turned NBC talk show host turned unemployed journalist Megyn Kelly is reportedly plotting an unconventional comeback into the world of news.

Though many have speculated that she may return to Fox News — the speculation began running rampant after Shepard Smith’s shocking resignation last week and then Kelly’s sudden appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” — those rumors were dispelled Friday.

“Page Six has learned she is not returning to her former network — and is instead set to launch her own news production company and take on her old nemesis Bill O’Reilly,” Page Six reported.

“[S]he is launching her own video podcast, just like O’Reilly, whose subscription service to show ‘No Spin News’ has proven to be vastly profitable. Kelly has also been looking at office space in Midtown to build up her ‘Kelly brand’ and get her teeth back into the news business ahead of the 2020 election.”

After former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s abrupt ouster from the network two years ago over still-unconfirmed allegations of sexual harassment, he launched his own news subscription service via his website, BillOReilly.com.

Every weekday evening, he uploads a video monologue not too dissimilar from the monologue he used to deliver on FNC’s now-defunct “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Below is one of his monologues from earlier in the week:

O’Reilly also posts a weekly column.

What’s unclear is how much of his operation that Kelly intends to emulate. An unnamed source said only that she’s been eyeing it closely.

“A source said despite her often-contentious relationship with O’Reilly at Fox News, she has taken a close interest in his money-making media business. Kelly also hopes to produce documentaries and continue her mission to support victims of sexual harassment,” Page Six reported.

It’s not known whether she’s also been in touch with O’Reilly, or whether she’s simply been watching him from afar. That she’s watching him at all is ironic given that she used to view him as her mentor — and apparently still does to some degree. Of course, the chances of her ever explicitly admitting this publicly seem low.

The two have been beefing since 2017, when Kelly essentially backstabbed her former mentor by condemning him for the still-unconfirmed (and highly dubious) allegations of sexual harassment.

In response, O’Reilly’s attorney released two thank-you notes to the Washington Examiner that she’d written to him in times past.

“One of the notes thanks O’Reilly for giving a ‘plug’ for her husband Doug Brunt’s novel. … It also acknowledged ‘how supportive you have been of me’ at Fox News, and called O’Reilly ‘a true friend and mentor,'” the Examiner noted at the time.

“The second note thanked O’Reilly for coming to Kelly’s baby shower. … It referred to O’Reilly as “a dear friend” and it was signed by Kelly and her husband.”

The first note was reportedly written in 2012. Seven years later, it appears that the 48-year-old journalist is again looking to O’Reilly for mentorship, albeit indirectly this time.

“Megyn has been talking to a lot of powerful media execs. When you love what you do, it’s hard to stay away for too long,” Page Six’s source said.

As of Saturday morning, neither Kelly nor O’Reilly had yet commented to the media or on social media about the news regarding the journalist’s desired comeback.

As for the rest of the world, they were divided into three camps: Conservatives who didn’t want her back because she reminded them of Shepard Smith (and because they’d rather have O’Reilly “back”), conservatives who did want her back because of her quality journalism and deranged leftists who thought she’s a Russian agent (no joke).

Here’s some of the conservative anti-Kelly response:

Here’s some of the conservative pro-Kelly response:

And then there’s this:

Note what one conservative wrote about his desire to see “the band back together … on their own network.”

That idea may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. The Hollywood Reporter revealed earlier this week that a media mogul “who has spoken with former Fox News star Megyn Kelly” is mulling creating “a conservative-leaning news network” to compete with FNC.

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