FedEx worker gets props by Fox News for re-arranging porch pillows

A FedEx worker is being praised for a small gesture that took a few seconds as he delivered a package to someone’s home.

The nameless delivery person was seen in a video from a doorbell camera that was posted by an Ohio Facebook user named Jackie Szabo this week.

(Video: Fox News)

“Proud to be an American!” Fox News co-host Ed Henry said on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Saturday.

“Look at this, a FedEx driver shows his patriotism when he stops to fix stars and stripes pillows sitting on a porch,” he said. “The small but powerful gesture now going viral.”

The short video showing the man noticing, then rearranging, the pillows was captioned by Szabo: “When the Fed Ex guy puts the stars before the stripes.”

“It is sweet. My son is an Airborne Soldier and a veteran in the US Army so it’s extra special to me,” she told Fox 35.



When the Fed Ex guy puts the stars before the stripes.

Posted by Jackie Szabo on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

“You can see the man noticed the pillows were out of order after he dropped off a package,” Henry said Saturday.

“He rearranged them to actually make it look like the American flag before heading back to his truck and just going on with his day,” he explained. “What a cool gesture. Doing a hard day’s work, deciding he’s going to stand up for the flag. That is beautiful.”

Fox News weatherman Adam Klotz also applauded the gesture, as he showed off his own patriotism with his “stars and stripes” socks.

The video, which has been viewed over 1.7 million times,  prompted plenty of approving reactions on Facebook with several calling it “awesome!”

“I love that he took the time, he has places to be and packages to deliver but he took the time,” one user wrote.

“My kinda delivery guy,” another wrote.

“Does your FedEx guy know he’s famous yet??” asked another.

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