Trump nominates Sarah Huckabee Sanders to new position

Sarah Huckabee Sanders may have only just left the White House to join Fox News as a contributor, but President Donald Trump has already nominated her for […]

Sen. Rubio: America is coming apart — Here’s how we start the revival

Sen. Marco Rubio, DCNF  You can judge the health of a nation by the strength of its families. Are Americans having and raising children? Are we giving […]

Pelosi throws out red-meat line describing contentious moment before meeting walkout

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended her remarks and abrupt exit from a meeting with President Trump that has now devolved into a war of words between the […]

Mick Mulvaney defends location of 46th G7 summit as the left explodes

The 46th G7 meeting, scheduled to occur in the United States next summer, will be hosted at one of President Donald Trump’s Florida golf resorts, acting White House […]

CNN manager in video sting: Only way Trump narrative goes away is ‘when he dies, hopefully soon’

Undercover video footage of CNN’s employees released this week by Project Veritas shows a field production supervisor suggesting that the network’s endless conspiracy theories involving President Donald […]

WH spox pushes back against accusations of ‘ambush’ meeting with Trump and grieving parents

White House spokesperson Hogan Gidley was pushed in a Thursday morning appearance on Fox News about a meeting President Donald Trump had with the parents of Harry […]

Harris camp gets humiliating reality check after tattling on reporter for critical tweet

A text exchange between Buzzfeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith and an aide for presidential hopeful Kamala Harris has gone public, and it shows there may be some serious […]

Mark Levin convinced Pelosi, Schumer walkout all ‘staged’ for eager media

Radio and television host Mark Levin called out the “staged” walkout of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer during a meeting with President […]

Biden in hot seat for exorbitant expenditures on private jets as war chest dwindles

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s shrinking war chest saw nearly $1 million depleted in the last few months in funding the cost of air travel on private […]

Gutfeld defends Trump’s ‘simple logic’ on Syria: Death of U.S. troops last thing he will accept

President Donald Trump’s decision to pull troops from Syria has people on the left screaming once again about the end of the world, but it also has […]

Democrat Eric Swalwell struggles to defend secret, one-sided impeachment

Failed presidential candidate Eric Swalwell defended the Democratic Party’s one-sided, cloak-and-dagger impeachment depositions that deprive President Trump of due process, saying they don’t want the witnesses to […]

Megyn Kelly tells NBC to come clean, release Matt Lauer accusers from confidentiality agreements

Former NBC host Megyn Kelly is calling on the network to hold an “outside investigation” of Matt Lauer and release “any and all” of his accusers from […]

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