Gov Cuomo drops the N-word in an interview; sparks outrage and mockery

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the older brother of CNN host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo, sparked mockery and outrage Tuesday when he used the n-word during a live radio show. […]

Women’s group calls on DNC to take stand, cancel debate on MSNBC unless NBC News ‘cleans house’

UltraViolet Action, a women’s advocacy group, is calling on the Democratic National Committee to cancel the fifth presidential debate because the event host has ties to NBC. […]

Animated 2-yr-old expresses utter disbelief to dad over mom running off to work without a goodbye kiss

A Florida mom rushed back to work after a soccer game without kissing her 2-year-old son goodbye and the young tyke was incredulous over the slight. In […]

Teen climate expert Thunberg encourages protesters to ignore the police and ‘break the rules’

Global warming activist Greta Thunberg is suggesting that protestors stand up to the police and “break the rules” when demonstrating. “If standing up against the climate and […]

Students dumbfounded by how much Bernie Sanders gives to charity

Ethan Cai, Campus Reform Sen. Bernie Sanders is the favored 2020 Democrat presidential candidate among college students with a 30 percent plurality supporting him, according to College Pulse’s […]

Lebron jerseys are burned and trampled on by protesters in Hong Kong

Pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong on Tuesday were seen burning LeBron James’ jerseys in response to comments the NBA superstar made regarding a tweet sent earlier this […]

State Department official tells Congress he raised concerns over Burisma corruption in 2016

Chuck Ross, DCNF   A senior State Department official told Congress on Tuesday that he had concerns in 2016 with corruption involving Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy firm […]

Biden’s ‘creepy’ comment to soldier’s widow set Gold Star dad off: ‘Good thing he was surrounded by secret service’

A Gold Star family was so angry over a 2016 conversation with then-Vice President Joe Biden that the thought of violence crossed the mind of the grieving […]

San Francisco residents build own wall; block homeless with plywood structure

A resident of a San Francisco community had to remove a plywood wall that was erected to block an alleyway being used by drug dealers and the […]

‘Let them try and call me a racist’: Indian-American running for senate has message for Democrats

Jason Hopkins, DCNF  Dr. Manny Sethi, a Republican senatorial candidate and the son of Indian immigrants, ran an ad during Tuesday’s presidential debate that attacks Democrats on […]

Nephew, 8, reveals Texas woman shot by cop in her home was pointing gun out the window

The Texas woman shot and killed in her own home by a Fort Worth police officer had reportedly picked up her own gun moments before her death. Atatiana […]

Dem rivals snag Warren on who’s paying for her Medicare for All ‘pipe dream’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has all but closed the substantial gap former Vice President Joe Biden once enjoyed in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, and with her […]

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