trish regan civil war
Fox Business host warns of ‘civil war,’ gets dismissed by left as ‘melodramatic’

Fox Business host Trish Regan sounded the alarm on the escalating left-wing violent protests against President Donald Trump, saying she’s worried it could lead to a “civil […]

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson says Elizabeth Warren is ‘a baller’ after she gushes over his ‘eye candy’

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson believes Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a “baller,” though he’s suggested this sentiment isn’t linked to politics. What is it linked […]

SNL hilariously spoofs CNN’s LGBTQ town hall, McKinnon’s Elizabeth Warren steals the show

CNN’s LBGTQ Thursday night town hall was so over the top in displaying just how unhinged the left has become in America that even “Saturday Night Live” […]
Texas police officer fatally shoots woman inside her own home

A woman was shot through a bedroom window by a responding police officer after a concerned neighbor called authorities to do a welfare check at the woman’s […]

trump calls fox news poll wrong
Fox News’ impeachment poll was wrong, Dems oversampled: Analysis shows corrected version

Fox News has apparently jumped on the Fake Polls bandwagon with its recent poll suggesting that the majority of Americans favor impeaching and removing President Donald Trump. […]

Where is Obama? Trump says he’s ‘hiding’ from Biden-Ukraine mess: ‘I think he knows all about it’

President Donald Trump suspects that former President Barack Hussein Obama’s reticence regarding former Vice President Joe Biden’s alleged corruption in Ukraine and China may be purposeful. “I […]

Tlaib: Congress talking logistics about detaining WH officials to ‘force’ compliance – ‘prepared to go all out’

Again with the talk of locking up members of the Trump administration? With the Democrat Party fully consumed with trying to impeach President Trump, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, […]

Trump has lunch with ‘great gentleman’ Giuliani, still his attorney: ‘I stand behind Rudy, absolutely’

On Saturday, President Trump repeatedly expressed his ongoing support for Rudy Giuliani, who is under investigation by federal prosecutors for potentially breaking lobbying laws in connection with […]