Facebook fact-checks Elizabeth Warren on all the ‘help’ they’ve given Donald Trump, she doubles down

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Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, a woman whose entire life story is virtually fake, recently tried to shame Facebook for allowing President Donald Trump to run a campaign advertisement on its network like every other 2020 contender.

Late Saturday evening, Facebook finally responded to her trash-talking stunts by dropping a truth bomb about one of America’s core values: free speech.


Written by Facebook’s communications department, the tweet noted that the same Trump campaign ad that was shared by Facebook — and that Warren takes issue with — has also been broadcast on TV stations across the country.

“[L]ooks like broadcast stations across the country have aired this ad nearly 1,000 times, as required by law,” the message reads. “FCC doesn’t want broadcast companies censoring candidates’ speech. We agree it’s better to let voters — not companies — decide.”

Indeed. America, a constitutional Republic, is about free speech and democracy — and for those to exist, the people must be granted the right to decide the truth for themselves versus having it dictated to them by someone like Warren.

The far-left senator disagrees with this line of thinking.

“You’re making my point here,” she argued in a reply. “It’s up to you whether you take money to promote lies. You can be in the disinformation-for-profit business, or you can hold yourself to some standards. In fact, those standards were in your policy. Why the change?”

Her base feels similarly. As of Sunday afternoon, they’d ratioed Facebook’s response with calls for so-called “propaganda” to be silenced:

Except what they call “propaganda” tends more often than not to simply be facts and opinions that belie the radical narrative to which they subscribe. Take for instance the biological fact that men cannot be impregnated. According to some liberal Democrats, even this fact is propaganda — namely “cisgender propaganda.”

That being said, some have found it amusing to hear Warren and her supporters kvetch about “propaganda” and “disinformation.” Why? Because as noted earlier, her own entire life story is fraudulent, aka phony, aka “ridiculous bulls***,” as the president himself would likely say.

She spent most of her life pretending to be Native American, when in reality she’s an average white woman. And she spent most of her political career pretending she was once fired from a job for being pregnant, when in reality that never happened.

For someone complaining about disinformation in bad faith, it turns out that Warren herself is the paragon of disinformation, misinformation and straight-up lies:

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