Donald Trump Jr. starts (and ends) Twitter war with failing candidate Kamala Harris

(Screenshots from CSPAN/Fox News)

Kamala Harris quickly proved she was out of her depth when she tried responding to a critical tweet from Donald Trump Jr.

The Twitter spat kicked off with Trump Jr. posting a clip of Harris and asking: “Why is @KamalaHarris the only person that laughs at her jokes … always way to[o] long and way too hard? The most disingenuous person in politics … after Hillary.”

The video of Harris is definitely more than a little awkward. Harris is acting like she just said the most hilarious thing ever and if she just laughs hard enough, others will join in. Spoiler alert: they don’t.

Harris responded to the Trump Jr. tweet by predictably going after the president.

“You wouldn’t know a joke if one raised you,” she tweeted.

Trump Jr. then shut the California senator and presidential hopeful down by reminding her of her almost non-existent poll numbers.

“Based on your tanking poll numbers, what’s definitely a joke is your entire campaign,” he tweeted. “Yikes!”

Trump Jr. included a graphic to drive home just how badly Harris’ campaign is doing.

Harris doesn’t seem to understand how badly things went for her in the Twitter spat — which is reminiscent of her recent debate performances — as she “pinned” her response to Trump Jr., meaning her “joke” tweet is the first tweet people see when they go to her account.

Plenty of folks responded to Trump Jr.’s final slap-down against Harris with more digs at the controversial senator:

As Harris struggles to stand out among a crowded Democrat field of presidential hopefuls, she has grown increasingly critical of Trump in recent weeks. She has even called on Twitter to suspend the president’s account.

“Others have had their accounts suspended for less offensive behavior. And when this kind of abuse is being spewed from the most powerful office in the United States, the stakes are too high to do nothing,” she said.

Harris called for an impeachment inquiry last month into Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Harris’ entire campaign at this point seems like childish attempts to say the craziest thing to stand out. The trouble is, she’s the only one laughing.


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