Violent scenes outside Trump rally as protesters throw objects, rush and curse at police

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Left-wing demonstrators again displayed their brand of tolerance as protests outside of President Trump’s Minnesota rally turned violent.

Anti-Trump protesters chanted, waved signs, hurled insults and objects at police and even started fires in the streets outside of the Minneapolis Target Arena on Thursday.

(Video: YouTube/Fox News)


Fox News correspondent Max Finn, reporting from the scene, said he and his crew had to relocate several times due to aggressive protesters who threw objects at police officers while the segment was airing Thursday.

“We saw one, maybe two fires just moments ago, what very much appeared to be MAGA hats on fire. We saw people cursing police, rushing at them, throwing all types of objects at them,” Finn said, noting some “very intense” moments as police were called “pigs” and even media crews were targeted.

Finn also noted the presence of “some bad actors” and “instigators” in the crowd which was being closely controlled by law enforcement with many police in riot gear.

“I can’t confirm, but our crew and our security identified what are probably members of Antifa, they have the handkerchiefs covering their mouths,” he said and noted that the protesters did not appear to have clashed with the thousands of Trump supporters who were lined up to attend the event as they arrived once the rally-goers had entered the arena.

But video footage shared on social media showed a highly charged scene as the demonstrators filled the streets.

Chants of “Abolish ICE!” were heard around a fire apparently engulfing a pile of Trump-related baseball hats.

Elijah Schaffer, a reporter with The Blaze, shared a video noting how the protesters “stole about 40 hats off the heads of Trump supporters” before lighting them up.

**Warning: Graphic Language**

Washington Post reporter Jenna Johnson shared a video of protesters attacking a man who “seemed to be leaving the Trump rally by himself.”

Another video posted by journalist Andy Ngo apparently of the same incident showed how the man was set upon by the crowd.

Police reportedly used pepper spray at one point to control the crowd.

Other videos showed more tense scenes.

Meanwhile, inside the arena, the president spoke to thousands of supporters who had waited for hours to get into the event.


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