Jane Fonda thrusts herself back in political spotlight with protest arrest at US Capitol

Jane Fonda threw herself front-and-center in the policial arena and joined the climate protests that have been going on for days.

As much as many Americans have tried to ignore them, protesters have been out in force to fight for the environment they say the generation of Jane Fonda ruined.

Last month teen climate crusader Greta Thunberg gained massive worldwide attention when she made tearful and angry pleas over what she perceives as a doomed planet Earth.

Today, Fonda wants in on the action.

“The planet, the planet, the planet is on fire!” Fonda can be seen chanting with fellow protesters before her arrest in at the U.S. Capitol building in Washinton D.C. on Friday.

Fonda, who says she’s inspired by Thunburg was marching with Oil Change International, was one of 16 arrested according to TMZ.

The activist actress says the protest is part of her “Fire Drill Fridays” initiative where she plans to protest outside the Capitol building every Friday rain or shine.

ABC News also caught some of the action:

Unsurprisingly, the news of Fonda’s arrest didn’t take long to spread and sparked immediate debate.

It should come as no surprise that someone like Fonda, who fancies herself an activist, would throw her lot in with people like this:


Seemingly-strange environmental protests have been going on for days all around the world. It’s interesting that none of the protesters are ever caught with trash bags in their hand, you know, to literally clean-up the Earth like Trump supporters have been doing.

It is unlikely that Fonda will receive any actual punishment for her actions, as it is fairly common for protestors to be arrested and then released without charges being filed. Unfortunately, this practice encourages more of the same behavior from people who think they should be able to do whatever they want, whenever they want, and everyone else be damned.

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