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Isaiah Washington just lost a friend of 25 years over Trump; she called him N-word and ‘stupid’

(Screenshot from Fox Nation)

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“Grey’s Anatomy” actor Isaiah Washington, one of Donald Trump’s few outspoken supporters in Hollywood, took to Twitter this week to recount an emotional story of losing a friend over his conservative politics.

The “friend” is even someone who Washington claims was on the receiving end of Trump’s charity in the past. The “Blue Caprice” star also said this friend called him the n-word over politics.

“Sadly I just lost a friend of 25 years. She called me a ‘n****’ in anger and said I was ‘stupid’ for supporting 45 and the Right Wingers again. This is a highly intelligent woman, who admits Donald Trump allowed her to live in one of his apartment buildings during her divorce,” Washington tweeted.

He went on to call out the hypocrisy of people who supported Trump as a private and charitable citizen, but now claim he’s a monster in politics.

“Let me get this straight. Prominent and Regular Black People respected and admired the private citizen and billionaire Donald Trump for years and now that he’s 45, he ain’t s***? He hates Black People? Even when he helped their Black A**es for years?” the actor tweeted.

“Listen, I ain’t NEVER been on that Frat s***, that Group Psyche s***, that Herd s*** or that Zeitgeist s***,” Washington continued. “I have ALWAYS been a Free Thinker and on that Me Phi Me s***. So I’m baffled that so many Black Dems think I really give a f*** about what they think, because I NEVER did.”

The First Step Act that Washington refers to was signed into law by President Trump in December of last year. The bill presents dramatic prison reform. It expands compassionate release for sick prisoners, increases feminine hygiene for those incarcerated, mandates de-escalation training for prison guards, and helps prisoners be released earlier by earning good time credits. It’s the sort of prison reform Obama promised he’d pass when in office, but Trump has made it a reality.

Washington’s talk of losing friends because of his politics is a sad reality for many today. Recently Ellen DeGeneres was attacked by folks online after she was pictured enjoying a football game with former President George W. Bush. Washington has also found himself squabbling with many who disagree with his outspokenness and support for the president. Then there’s those openly calling for conservatives to be blacklisted in industries like Hollywood.


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