Intelligence official arrested for leaking information to journalists

The Department of Justice announced on Wednesday that a Defense Intelligence Agency official has been arrested for allegedly leaking classified information to journalists, one of whom he […]

Weinstein tried using credit with Hillary Clinton to kill Ronan Farrow’s story exposing him

Shelby Talcott, DCNF Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s publicist made a phone call to journalist Ronan Farrow in 2017 and noted the Harvey Weinstein story he […]

Trudeau’s cringeworthy setup using kids to apologize for blackface

In what had all the makings of a staged event, Canada’s liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked on camera by two young black girls about appearing in […]

Georgetown allows pro-immigrant protesters to shout down DHS secretary, forcing him to leave with no speech

A Georgetown University student is condemning actions by fellow students who shouted down Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan as he tried to deliver a planned speech. […]

Flashback: John Kerry bragged about getting re-election support from foreign leaders in ‘private’ conversations

Democrats may be expressing shock over President Donald Trump’s now-infamous phone call with the Ukraine president, but it’s all part of a “do as I say, not […]

Anti-Trump call-leaker’s attorney reported directly to James Clapper during Hillary email scandal

The whistleblowers who have made allegations against President Trump and his conversation with a foreign leader have an attorney who reportedly used to work for James Clapper. […]

Lovebird FBI agents Page and Strzok lied about affair, ‘tell-all’ book claims

Research by a left-wing journalist has revealed that disgraced former FBI lawyer Lisa Page lied to her bosses at the bureau in 2016 when they questioned her about […]

Tucker Carlson: ‘It’s hard to think of a company that’s hurt this country more than Twitter’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson had some harsh words for Twitter on his show during an interview with California Congressman Devin Nunes. After the two discussed the […]

Schiff gets dubbed ‘Malicious Captain Kangaroo.’ Liberals dig deep to analyze.

Matt Gaetz set off leftists this week when he referred to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff as a “malicious Captain Kangaroo” presiding over a “kangaroo court.” […]

Fox News cuts Gowdy as he transitions into Trump impeachment team

Former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy has been dropped as a contributor by Fox News as he makes the transition onto President Donald Trump’s legal team. Gowdy […]

Cop on leave after being spotted in a Playboy’s video mock-arresting 3 nearly naked models in G-strings

A Miami Beach cop is in hot water over a racy video featuring the mock arrest of three nearly naked models. Of course, nearly naked models being […]

‘Oh sh*t’ moment FBI agents found Hillary Clinton’s emails on Weiner’s laptop

With Hillary Clinton garnering headlines this week over the speculation that she may enter the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, a new book out details the “oh sh*t” […]

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