Minn officers to defy lib mayor’s Trump rally rules with clever T-shirts, predict ‘sea of red’

A Minneapolis police union leader is criticizing the city’s liberal mayor for trying to “antagonize” and “bully” President Trump and says local law enforcement will be out in […]

Justices return for a momentous Supreme Court term

Kevin Daley, DCNF  The Supreme Court will return from its summer hiatus Monday to begin an election year term heavy on politically salient disputes. The high court’s […]

Turkey strikes Syria-Iraq border, Lindsey Graham warns ‘sanctions from hell’ looming

The Turkish military bombed the Syria-Iraq border ahead of its planned offensive move into northern Syria. The overnight strikes on Monday, which were confirmed to Reuters by Turkish […]

‘South Park’ creators don’t cave like NBA, deliver China stinging mock apology

‘South Park’ creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker responded like you’d expect them to after China deleted all online evidence of the show over an episode on […]

Greg Gutfeld reality checks media’s misplaced outrage over violent ‘Joker’ film

Were the media’s concerns and outrage over the just-released film “Joker” nothing but “woke” virtue-signaling designed to cover up the real problems that society faces? According to […]

Fortnite maker facing lawsuit for intentionally making game as addictive as possible

The maker of a popular video game could be facing a potential lawsuit after being accused of intentionally making the game “addictive.” A class-action lawsuit filed in […]

Assailant charged in Chinatown homeless massacre received 2 ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ cards this year

The Dominican Republic native with a violent history scored two get-out-of-jail-free cards this year, including one that put him on the streets the morning he allegedly bludgeoned five […]

Right to fair trial? Lori Loughlin pressured to make plea deal or face stiffer sentence

Is it fundamentally wrong to threaten Americans with longer prison sentences if they choose to exercise their Constitutional right to a fair trial rather than plea bargain […]

‘I’m pissed!’ Rep Zeldin unloads on Dems who’ve ‘screwed’ Americans with impeachment circus

With the media whipped into an impeachment frenzy, Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., went off on Democrats Tuesday for their obsession with impeaching President Trump. “I’m pissed as […]

Don Lemon openly agitated when John Kasich won’t admit to ‘clear quid pro quo’

CNN anchor Don Lemon accused former Ohio governor John Kasich of behaving like a Trump “apologist” in a tense exchange over the president’s call with the leader of […]

State Dept blocks Trump-friendly witness from testifying before Dem’s ‘kangaroo court’

The Trump administration has blocked Gordan Sondland, the US ambassador to the European Union, from testifying in the Democrat’s partisan impeachment inquiry. Sondland was scheduled to testify […]

Judge clears record for man he jailed 10 days for missing jury duty after story went national

A Palm Beach County judge cleared the criminal record of a 21-year-old he’d sentenced to jail after the youth, Deandre Somerville, apologized in court for his rude actions. […]

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