Malkin fighting mad: Takes on NYT after defamatory hit job over Mar-a-Lago event

Conservative columnist and author Michelle Malkin shredded liberal reporters and newspapers for a “defamatory hit piece” associating her with the organization ACT for America, which it labeled […]

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Dems claim they have enough votes to impeach in the House so why won’t Nancy Pelosi vote?

A senior member of the House Democratic Caucus told Fox News it’s unlikely that Speaker Nancy Pelosi will call a vote on impeachment in the House of Representatives […]
USA Today: Americans 2 to 1 favor investigation of Bidens’ dirty deals

In a rare, real-news acknowledgment by the liberal CBS news program “Face the Nation,” panelists on Sunday conceded that a respected poll shows Americans believe there are […]

Trump supporter brutally attacked over MAGA hat at NY art event

A Trump supporter who said he was brutally beaten for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat is turning to the courts to seek justice. The man’s injuries are […]

Added protections: State Constitutions also protect your right to keep and bear arms

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. There are important facts that sprout from our national political discourse that never seem to make […]

NBA apologizes to China for manager’s Hong Kong tweet…bipartisan fury erupts

The NBA’s apology over a “regrettable” comment on China by the Houston Rockets’ general manager scored a wave of backlash and criticism. U.S. lawmakers, journalists and social media […]

Lindsey Graham to Bartiromo: We need Special Council to investigate Bidens

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said on Sunday that he would like to see a special counsel investigate questions of corruption involving former Vice President Joe Biden and […]

Ethiopian immigrant leads prayer at WH — to protect Trump from left’s ‘warfare’

A powerful, heartfelt prayer for President Trump by an excited young lady visiting the White House on Friday is going viral. Mahalet, who was once an impoverished […]

Poll shocker: 82% believe there is social media news bias; too much control

A majority of Americans on both sides of the political aisle believe social media companies are biased and have too much control over news on their sites. […]

Trump’s Twitter smackdown: ‘Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd,’ praises Bob Woodward

President Donald Trump clearly had his eye on the Sunday talk shows and it was equally clear that he wasn’t too pleased with the various network personalities, […]

Chazz Palminteri: De Blasio’s wife ‘racist’ — snubs Italian-Americans over statue

Italian-American actor Chazz Palminteri called out the wife of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio as “racist” for choosing to ignore the results of a public […]