Trump praises ‘bad policy’ Dems…but at least they don’t have Mitt Romney

President Donald Trump had some unusual praise for the Democrat Party in a Sunday morning tweet. While praising the “lousy politician” Democrats for their “loyalty,” Trump took […]
In Trump’s ‘Civil War’ scenario, military would likely side with Trump

A Saturday op-ed in the Daily Beast asked, “If Trump’s Rage Brings ‘Civil War,’ Where Will the Military Stand?” The question is a serious one as the […]

After heart attack, is Bernie fit for rigors of the campaign trail?

Media outlets are already scrambling to call it quits for Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign after he suffered a heart attack on Tuesday. They haven’t said […]

Melania stuns in style at ‘Be Best’ campaign in Wyoming

Melania Trump traveled to Wyoming last Thursday to promote her “Be Best” initiative and teach young children about some of America’s “most treasured National Parks.” And Melania reportedly […]

Trump: Rick Perry pressured me to make Ukraine call

There’s no end to the intrigue when it comes to President Trump, if you are to accept the media’s take on events as fact. The president is […]

CNN’s Stelter sneers, Tucker comments ‘crack in firewall’ of Trump support

CNN’s Brian Stelter on Saturday publicly fantasized that his longtime media-wars adversary Tucker Carlson of Fox News is about to crumble in his support for President Trump. […]

Pole lesson: U of Kansas apologizes after racy Snoop Dogg stripper show

Though multiple colleges and universities have tried to prevent noncontroversial conservatives such as Ben Shapiro from speaking at their schools, one Kansas institution apparently had no qualms […]

Green teen Greta scolds Iowans on climate: ‘Children know better than adults’

Teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg suggested last week that teenagers and children such as her know better than the world’s grown adult leaders, including President Donald […]

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Joe Biden brags that he’ll beat Trump ‘like a drum,’ warns ‘You don’t destroy me’

Two-time failed presidential candidate Joe Biden bragged last month that he’ll beat President Donald Trump “like a drum.” This weekend, Biden doubled-down on his boast in a […]

Antifa thug gets 18 months for nearly killing Trump supporter

A man who has been identified as an “Antifa street thug” copped a plea deal for assaulting a 56-year-old Trump supporter and will be sentenced to 18 months […]
Sen. Susan Collins blasts Trump for asking China to investigate Biden

Maine Senator Susan Collins joined with her fellow RINO Senators Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse to criticize President Trump amidst the ongoing turmoil surrounding Democrats’ impeachment probe. […]