Rudy Giuliani: ‘My mission is to disrupt the world’ by exposing Dems’ ‘massive corruption’

Former federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani says his mission as President Trump’s attorney is not only to defend his client against sham left-wing attacks but to “disrupt the world” by exposing the Democrats’ decades-long “massive corruption” with both Ukraine and China.

When asked by Fox News host Martha MacCallum: “Why are you the President’s personal attorney? What’s your mission?”

Giuliani replied: “To disrupt the world. My mission is to defend my client in the best traditions of the legal profession…The Democrats are covering up corruption. Massive corruption.”

Giuliani continued: “It’s in the best interest of my client to unravel the corruption in the Ukraine, which involves mostly collusion in the [2016] election, into which Joe Biden inserted himself.”

Giuliani said the Democratic Party has been colluding with both Ukraine and China for decades in corrupt, pay-for-play politics which the left-wing media has glossed over because they don’t want to expose “their side.”

“China is a bigger sellout than Ukraine. And the Democratic Party is scared out of their minds because this pay-for-play scandal does not just involve Biden,” Giuliani said. “The big questions that need to be asked is, ‘How could you have your son taking money from a corrupt [Ukrainian] oligarch?'”

(Source: The Story with Martha MacCallum)

MacCallum said: “We heard from Kurt Volker yesterday. He’s been around a long time, he’s spent a lot of time in Ukraine, he said that Joe Biden never did anything wrong.” Volker is the former U.S. emissary to Ukraine.

Giuliani said that Volker “wouldn’t know” if Biden did anything wrong, given his low-level position.

Rudy Giuliani vowed to investigate Biden and other Democrats’ longtime corruption and election-meddling with foreign governments because it’s time to drain the swamp.

“I’m not going to say I’m going to fix it,” Giuliani said. “Maybe Donald Trump is going to fix it because he’s a disruptive president who knows how to break up the swamp…[Democrats] haven’t done a damn thing about corruption in Ukraine except contribute to it.”

The Democratic Party is trying to muddy the waters concerning Joe Biden’s shady dealings with Ukraine. To distract attention from Biden’s alleged abuse of power, they’re resorting to the usual left-wing tactic of accusing their opponents of doing what their side is actually guilty of.

As BizPac Review reported, in 2014, Joe’s son Hunter Biden was on the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, an energy company owned by a Ukrainian oligarch.

Hunter was appointed to that board and raked in $50,000 a month for the part-time gig despite having no background in energy or finance. Critics say Hunter was merely given that position to influence his father, who was Barack Obama’s vice president.

Because Giuliani has been calling attention to Biden’s decades-long corruption as a career politician, Biden’s camp urged the mainstream media to censor Giuliani by blackballing him from cable TV.

Giuliani said the Bidens “are clearly rattled” by what he knows and have unleashed their Democratic media lapdogs “to destroy my reputation and silence me.”

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Rudy Giuliani is a former federal prosecutor whose record of 4,152 convictions with only 25 reversals is one of the winningest records in the history of U.S. Attorneys.

When Giuliani was the mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001, violent crimes plunged 56% while murder rates tumbled 67%. So Rudy’s not one to be trifled with.

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