Fmr. AG Sessions says he still supports Trump: ‘I’m proud’ of Trump’s agenda

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Despite being ousted from office by President Donald Trump nearly a year ago, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions remains steadfastly committed to supporting the president’s mission to “Make America Great Again” and steadfastly impressed by the president’s never-ending “dragon energy.”

“I’m proud of President Trump’s policy agenda, and you have had a part in it,” Sessions told a crowd of enthusiastic Alabama Republicans at the Madison County Republican Party fundraiser Tuesday in Huntsville.

“He’s driven to succeed, and much of his frustration arises from his inability to move the bureaucracy to achieve what he believes ought to be achieved fast enough. As Kanye West said, he has dragon energy. I think that’s a good description of it – really.”

“So I [inaudible] the Department of Justice and poured my heart into my work and was pleased to be able to advance the president’s policies, which were my policies, and which were good for America, I believe.”


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Left-wing media figures who were hoping the former AG might turn on Trump, like some former administration officials have in the past, and trash him in a book or speech must be disappointed.

Keeping to his history of loyalty, dignity, and integrity, Sessions instead reportedly showered praise on the president for his tough but fair immigration policies, his demands for a southern U.S. border wall and his bold willingness to buck the GOP establishment.

“The American people believe in the wall,” Sessions reportedly said. “They believe we should have a lawful system of immigration. And people should apply and wait their time, and we’ll admit people who want to be successful and prosper in the United States, flourish in our country — not be people who are going to sell dope, commit crimes or go on welfare. I mean, how simple is this?”

The statement above was a perfect encapsulation of what the president had meant when he’d stated years ago that America needs to cut off “bad hombres” and accept only legal, deserving immigrants.

“The president said I’m going to end it,” Sessions continued, referring to illegal immigration. “I agree with you, American people. We’re going to stop it if you elect me. He’s done everything he possibly can. I was there trying to help him get this done. It’s going to get better.”

“That’s why I supported him and why I still do support him,” he reportedly added. “He is relentlessly and actually honoring the promises he made to the American people.”

Including his promise to pursue more fair trade.

“We had these intellectuals tell us, and they come from both sides of the aisle, trade deficits don’t matter. You’ve heard that argued, right? The Wall Street Journal and others. Trade deficits — $500 billion with China, so what? It doesn’t make any difference. If it is two cents cheaper at Walmart, we’ll just buy it there,” Sessions reportedly said, echoing the president’s long-standing frustration.

“So what’s the problem? Products that are made in the United States are made by people, by workers. And when you import a product, you, in fact, lay off workers in the United States and hire workers in some other country to make these products. And it’s not a little matter.”

These are the same points Sessions’ former boss has repeatedly made.

“Yes, we believe in trade and comparative advantage,” the former AG continued, adding however that the rules change when dealing with a corrupt country like China.

“We act like it is OK to have 5G in the United States, and Huawei gets to make — an entire computer network, internet network nationwide run by the Chinese? But they’re cheaper. Free market, right? There are limits to free markets. There is a question of national security that is real about this.”

The way Sessions sounded just like a miniature version of Trump has pleased conservatives. The consensus is that the former Alabama senator turned Trump administration official is finally “back.”

Of course, he is and was always a staunch conservative, but as an administration insider from Feb. 2017 to Nov. 2018, Sessions was so busy just pushing ahead with the president’s agenda (except in the case of the Russia collusion “witch hunt”) and fighting the media that his true self kind of disappeared.

Not anymore, though!

Not everybody is keen to welcome him back, though. Some still resent him for recusing himself from the Russia probe and allowing then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to essentially railroad Trump.

“We would never have had to go through the Witch Hunt if Barr had been the Attorney General! Sessions was Mr. Magoo,” one critic bluntly tweeted.

It’s not clear whether the president, who’s been awfully critical of Sessions, feels similarly.

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