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Actor Randy Quaid ponders running against Schiff for Congress, says it’s time to empty the ‘sh***er’

(Screenshot from “Christmas Vacation”)

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Actor Randy Quaid is not happy with Adam Schiff following the California congressman’s bizarre behavior during a House Intelligence Committee hearing this week.

The “Independence Day” star took to his Twitter account on Friday afternoon to threaten a possible political challenge against Schiff.

“I’m thinking about running against Schiff for Burbank Rep. That swamp needs cleaning up big time. I should know. I have serious winning experience emptying the sh***ers for that district,” he tweeted.

It’s unclear how serious Quaid is about running. The actor is outspoken in his support for President Donald Trump, but he also has a history of legal issues which led him to leave California.

Still, whether he is serious or not, fans had plenty of positive things to say about Quaid taking on Schiff in the political arena.

“Quaid 2020. ‘Hello boys! I’m baaaack!!!!'” wrote one fan, referencing Quaid’s famous line from 1996’s “Independence Day.”

“How much of my money do you need, sir?” wrote another.

Check out more responses below:

Before threatening Schiff with a possible challenge, Quaid went after Democrats for trying to “undermine” Trump with this latest nothing-burger controversy around the now infamous Ukraine phone call.

“Clinton, Schiff, Pelosi plotting with lawyers to undermine the power of the president to negotiate on behalf of USA. They’re putting all Americans in danger. Arrest these traitors, lawyers & all, for America’s security. Let them spend Trump’s second term in jail,” the 68-year-old actor tweeted.

In another tweet, the “Christmas Vacation” star called Schiff a “traitor.”

“Watching Schiff in hearings and only one thing comes to mind: Crazy-eyes traitor,” he wrote.

Quaid previously called out Hollywood leftist stars openly pushing for the blacklisting of conservative artists.

As an actor, he is best known for his role as Cousin Eddie in the “Vacation” movies. He was also nominated for an Academy Award in 1974 for his role in “The Last Detail.”

Another star from the “Vacation” franchise, Christie Brinkley, will be appearing on ABC’s “The Goldbergs” where she is reprising her classic role from the original “Vacation” film. Based on the images already released, she has not aged a day since the 1983 film.


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