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Giuliani: ‘Slimy Joe’ did not act alone in Ukraine scandal

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Rudy Giuliani is accusing Democrats of having a lot more to hide when it comes to dealings with Ukraine than President Donald Trump.

“Now that conversation is clearly appropriate, maybe Dem Senator Murphy will be investigated for threatening loss of Dem support if Pres of Ukraine cooperated with an investigation of charges of selling the office of VP for laundered millions. Oh I forgot he’s a Dem. So corrupt!” Giuliani tweeted on Wednesday morning, implicating Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy for allegedly pressuring Ukraine to give favor to Joe Biden and his son’s businesses.

Biden has been accused of using his influence as vice president to help in an investigation into a company employing his son. Giuliani seems to be suggesting Murphy is helping to cover up this alleged corruption.

Giuliani went after the Democrat Party for allegedly working hard to cover up for top officials from the Obama administration. “Slimy Joe is not alone,” Trump’s personal lawyer warned about the former vice president.

“Democrat party is covering up a pattern of corruption involving high level members of the Obama cabinet. The multi-million and billion dollar pay-for-play is mind boggling. Biden Family sale of office to Ukraine was not the only one or the most egregious. Slimy Joe is not alone,” Giuliani tweeted.

While Democrats have pressured Trump into releasing the transcript from the Ukraine phone call where he had allegedly asked for dirt on Biden, Giuliani is now calling on Biden to release records to prove he is not involved in the overseas business dealings of his son Hunter. Biden has claimed he has never talked to his son about his business dealings, while his son has previously admitted to speaking to his father about his business dealings on at least one occasion.

As for Trump, the transcript from his phone call clearly shows that accusations of him trying to get Ukrainian officials to give dirt on Biden are false. The president has asked for an apology from Democrats, who launched an impeachment inquiry this week.

“Biden should agree to release records to see if he flew Hunter to China in Dec. 2013 on AF 2 to facilitate Hunter’s sale of his office to China for a total of $1.5 billion. Is there any doubt that China paid it to compromise VP. But they bought another pol as well. Guess?” Giuliani tweeted about Biden.

“We know corrupt Ukrainian oligarch laundered $3 million to the Biden Family,” he continued. “But $3 to $4m more was laundered to Biden. So release all the financial records of all businesses involving Biden, Kerry’s stepson and notorious mobster Whitey Bulger’s nephew.”

Giuliani has been accused by some Democrats of being directed by the State Department to dig up dirt on Biden. In an explosive appearance on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” Giuliani denied these accusations and again accused Democrats of turning a blind eye to Biden’s alleged corruption when it comes to Ukraine and his possible involvement in his son’s business dealings.

Giuliani also further detailed his accusations against Murphy while speaking to Ingraham.

“He went to see the president of the Ukraine, and he told the president of the Ukraine that if he cooperates with president they’ll cut off aid,” Giuliani said of the Democrat senator. “That’s a quid pro quo. That’s threatening. Nancy Pelosi should be outraged at Chris Murphy. They should impeach him. They should impeach Chris Murphy.”

Source: Fox News


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