Real Patriot: Tom Brady, 42, steps up for clumsy block…fans go wild anyway

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady shocked football fans on Sunday when he made a play that seemed entirely unnecessary against the New York Jets.

Despite leading the Jets by 23 points in the fourth quarter, Brady tried to throw a block, which could have ultimately been fairly dangerous for the 42-year-old athlete.

Fans were on the edge of their seat as they watched Brady put himself at risk against the Jets’ Jamal Adams on a reverse play.

Check out the play below:

Besides the audible shock that could be heard at the stadium, there were many who took to social media to express both concern and admiration for the quarterback, who is currently making history since no athlete his age should be playing at the level he is.

The Patriots ended up beating the Jets 30-14.

The team is straight off of a Super Bowl win and they are already flexing their muscles this season, so it can’t be said enough times that what Brady is doing right now is unmatched in football.

At 42-years-old, most football players are long retired or watching their bodies fall apart, but Brady is not only still leading his team to victory, but also pulling plays that really do nothing except show the world and the rest of the National Football League that he is a force to be reckoned with and there is no slowing down in his near future.

Was the play unnecessary? Absolutely. But it was also effective in sending the message to doubters that Brady is not holding back on the field, no matter what his age his.

Brady may be a star athlete, but plenty of woke mafia-types have tried to destroy his legacy. He’s been criticized for everything from not taking a knee during the national anthem to having a Make America Great Again hat in his locker — he is an admitted friend of President Donald Trump.

This latest show of force is just another sign that nothing can slow a true patriot like Brady down. Not age. Not social justice warriors. Not even athletes half his age looking to go toe-to-toe on the field.


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