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Police arrest climate protesters clogging DC streets, creating chaos

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“Climate change” protestors took to the streets of Washington ,D.C., on Monday, blocking key areas of travel like intersections as a way of bringing a whole lot of negative attention to themselves and their activism.

Young activists have been organizing climate change rallies across the globe, with “#ShutdownDC” being part of that effort. CNN affiliate WJLA’s reporter, Sam Sweeney, tweeted about the take over of the busy roads, noting the traffic gridlock.

It wasn’t long before D.C. police showed up and made it clear that impeding traffic will result in arrests.

Then came the final warning.

And the follow-through.

Even the “student activists” weren’t spared.

And just when you thought the protest couldn’t get any weirder, there was a grown man “dancing” for climate change.

Or something.

But this one protest is simply part of a larger organized event, which has prompted local authorities to encourage commuters to sign up for text and email alerts regarding traffic delays. People were also advised to utilize public transportation until the protests die down.

It remains unclear how forcing hundreds of vehicles to idle on roads these protests are blocking will help improve the environment or attain “climate justice.” It is also unclear how impeding the daily lives of random citizens is going to win them over to the activists’ side of the argument.


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