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Free beer! Tons of it spill onto D.C. beltway

elizabeth warren drinks beer on instagram
Elizabeth Warren probably regrets not being around to film this weekend’s beer debacle for Instagram. (screenshots)

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Commuters on Interstate 495 were in for a sticky surprise this morning after 4,000 pounds of beer were spilled on the highway after a semi-trailer truck hit a guard rail and was forced off the road.

The mishap occurred at 4 a.m. on Sunday in Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside the nation’s capital. Maryland State Police said a truck carrying 4,000 pounds of canned beer hit a sign and guard rail after being forced off the road by another car that had abruptly changed lanes, the AP reported.

The near-collision caused the truck to veer off into the woods, spilling beer and cans all over I-495. Police say the trucker’s driver was taken to a nearby hospital with unknown injuries.

The wreck forced the temporary closures of several lanes of traffic on the Capital Beltway’s Outer Loop. All lanes have re-opened as of 10:30 a.m. Eastern time this morning (Sept. 23).

Early reports indicated that Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren wasn’t around to film the incident for another one of her awkward beer Instagram posts.

As BizPac Review reported, Senator Warren was roasted in January after posting a cringeworthy Instagram video, where she shamelessly pandered for votes by guzzling a beer on-camera.

Warren was widely mocked for her failed attempt to appear relatable to voters. Many people accused Warren of being her own worst enemy.

Critics pointed out that by trying too hard to be “authentic” (like drinking beer on-camera — a gesture that does not look natural for Fauxcohontas), Warren came across as a total phony.

Meanwhile, here is what’s happening in our nation’s capital: Self-proclaimed environmental activists are twerking on the streets while littering to “combat climate change.”

In other words, they’re polluting our neighborhoods to virtue-signal about climate change (which has been going on for millions of years — long before man appeared on Earth).

Director Robby Starbuck sarcastically quipped on Twitter: “Littering confetti is a bold new tactic to stop climate change, let’s see how it works out. These people are not mentally well.”

Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders promised that if he’s elected president, he wants American taxpayers to pay for abortions in poor countries around the world to limit population growth.

Why? Because Sanders claims mass abortions will fight climate change.


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