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CA teachers give hateful anti-Trump signs to young kids at rally

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In the state of California, it would appear that progressive liberals are pulling no punches when it comes to indoctrinating children. This includes taking “children as young as 5” to marches against the detainment facilities used to house illegal aliens and asylum seekers. These “close the camp” rallies host anti-Trump chants, including charging the president with racism.

These young children not only participated in this hot mess but were given hateful signs to hold in support of the teachers’ ideologies, and were taught basic chants like “Who do we hate? Donald Trump!”

Twitter user “Fog City Midge” attended one of the protests, and tried to interview the children on their political beliefs. It should come as no surprise that not only did the children give obviously coached answers, but the teachers then forced her away from the kids, saying that she doesn’t have the right to interview them.

Apparently only one side can use children for their political gain.

You can watch the full video here:

“Fog City Midge” discovered that at least 3 schools were present at the protest, and filmed a young girl reading a chant off of a piece of paper as she screamed into a microphone.

When the interviewer was told that she was not allowed access to the children anymore, the woman presumed to be their guardian claimed that “they are still children.” It’s unclear whether the age of consent to engage in an interview is the same as the age of consent to engage in a protest.

Twitter users were not pleased, and they were more than ready to express their outrage:

The latter tweet makes a good point. In a time where teachers are complaining about not being able to afford classroom essentials, how could they afford to create posters and bus all of these children to a protest? Who is funding this activism?

Sierra Marlee


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