Threat of border shutdown blamed on illegals surge: 14.3 million

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the illegal immigrant population in the United States has surged to an astounding 14.3 million, which is a […]

Media at war: Trump China policy is working —but you won’t hear about it

If you listen to leftist politicians and the mainstream media, we are constantly on the verge of a major recession and President Donald Trump is losing the […]

MSNBC host asks about executing Trump for treason

Shelby Talcott, DCNF MSNBC political analyst Elise Jordan pressed 2020 presidential candidate Bill Weld on Monday after he mentioned execution as a consequence for President Donald Trump’s […]

Poll: Voters demand choice — oppose Medicare for all

American voters dealt Democrats a reality check on the issue of a single-payer Medicare-for-All system. More than half of voters questioned about the plan to replace existing private […]

As Warren takes the lead, critics bash healthcare for all, sky-high taxes

Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is seeing an increase in pressure regarding exactly how she plans to pay for her “Medicare for All” proposal. Ironically, the squeeze is […]

SG Melania Trump rings bell NYSE
Glamorous Melania Trump rings NYSE opening bell during UN Week

First Lady Melania Trump brought glamour to Wall Street when she rang the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange today ahead of President Trump’s highly […]

Pouting ‘Joker’: Star storms off when asked if film violence might inspire more

While the wounds of El Paso and Dayton have not quite fully healed, many are wondering if perhaps the depiction of violence on the big screen might […]

500 vaping illnesses still a mystery; no clear cause: CDC

500 people have been hospitalized with what are being described as “vaping related illnesses” in otherwise healthy young adults. Of these hospitalizations, 7 people have died, baffling […]

Bill O’Reilly gets candid on Trump: Enemies ‘wearing him down’

Bill O’Reilly thinks President Donald Trump is getting a little worn down from the constant attacks he faces from leftists and the mainstream media. Speaking with The […]

Time’s up: Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner ruthlessly mocked at Emmys

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner seemed to be caught in an awkward moment at the 2019 Emmy Awards when the audience appeared to laugh at comments about […]

Trump’s outreach to Indian-Americans reaches fever pitch — 50K rally

President Trump’s outreach for more support from Indian-American voters seems to be paying off. At an amazing rally in Houston, Texas on Sunday, the president was greeted […]

Real Patriot: Tom Brady, 42, steps up for clumsy block…fans go wild anyway

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady shocked football fans on Sunday when he made a play that seemed entirely unnecessary against the New York Jets. Despite leading […]

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