PIERS MORGAN: Substitute ‘Trump’ for ‘Trudeau’ in serial blackface, world would go nuts

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The fact that embattled Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won’t step down from office despite being exposed three times for wearing blackface/brownface isn’t sitting well with Piers Morgan.

Writing for the Daily Mail on Thursday, the outspoken British columnist argued that Trudeau needs to “apply the same high horse standards” that he demands of everybody else and step down, pronto.

“[L]ike all holier-than-thou preachers caught with their metaphorical trousers down, Trudeau’s whole USP just crashed and burned,” he wrote. “Until yesterday, this guy was the very epitome of liberal self-righteousness, a caring, sharing bundle of worthy concern.”

Now he’s been forced to admit he’s the thing his fans despise most — a racist.

USP is short for “unique selling proposition,” a term that denotes the key attribute or trait that a brand (or person, in the case of Trudeau) uses to promote itself.

In the Canadian PM’s case, his USP was that he’s a perfect specimen of anti-racism, anti-bigotry, anti-hate — one ready and willing to hold other whites accountable for their clear-cut racism, bigotry and hate. He was kind of a white savior of minorities, if you will.

Except that the PM’s USP turned out to be fraudulent, as usual.

But now that Trudeau’s been exposed, he refuses to resign.

And by insisting it’s not a resignation matter, he lays himself open to the charge of stunning hypocrisy,” Morgan’s op-ed continues. “Because we all know how he would have responded if one of his rivals was caught in this situation — he’d take the high moral ground, an area that frankly he rarely leaves, and furiously demand their head on a plate.”

Fact-check: LIKELY TRUE.

During a speaking engagement last year, the PM was asked by an audience member about the reportedly exorbitant costs (at least $1 billion) linked to illegal aliens.

“I want to know when you are going to refund the $146m we paid for your illegal immigrants,” the woman, who was described as a “heckler” by the media, reportedly asked.

“Your racism has no place here,”  Trudeau fired back.

It’s unclear what exactly is racist about the question the woman had asked.

Morgan also aimed criticism at the PM’s far-left defenders in Canada and the U.S.

“[W]e also know exactly how his supporters would have responded too,” he wrote. “We’ve seen in America how incensed liberals get over blackface.”

“NBC star Megyn Kelly was banished from the airwaves last year after musing that it didn’t used to be deemed offensive to do it on Halloween. Kelly never actually blackfaced herself, but that didn’t matter as she became the sacrificial lamb to a howling mob of outraged liberals who’d never forgiven her for working at Fox News.”

“I detest the modern cancel culture,” Morgan added.

The culture of “canceling” individuals —  be they comedians, politicians, commentators — over allegedly offensive behavior and remarks is a left-wing phenomenon. One riddled with hypocrisy.

“I particularly detest the rank hypocrisy of those who practice cancel culture,” Morgan wrote. “The same high profile liberals who demanded Kelly’s head on a plate are not doing the same with Trudeau, even though he repeatedly did the very thing she only talked about.”

“They are all lining up to praise his ‘honesty’, and his ‘sincere apology.’ This, we’re assured, is a very much a ‘teachable moment’ that he should survive. It’s not ‘honest’ to keep this blackface habit a secret for two decades until the press uncovers it. And as for sincere apologies and teachable moments, Megyn Kelly made an abject tearful mea culpa on air and it made zero difference to the mob.”

Fact-check: TRUE.

Here’s her emotional apology:

It was coldly rejected, and she wound up losing her job.

“The only lesson she got was that there’s one rule for conservatives on such matters, and quite another for liberals,” Morgan’s op-ed concludes. “Can you even begin to imagine how the same people defending Trudeau today would react if this was Donald Trump who’d been caught wearing blackface. They would want him instantly hounded out of office.”

Yet because it’s nice-guy Justin, the one who REALLY cares, he gets a pass. Well sorry, but the double standard absolutely stinks. Justin Trudeau’s feeling shame-faced and red-faced over his brownface and blackface. But it’s his barefaced hypocrisy that should render his position untenable. Live by the woke cancel culture, die by it.”

Many responded to his column by noting that, while they personally weren’t offended by Trudeau’s photos, the double standard is nevertheless quite troubling to them.

Vivek Saxena


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