Al Sharpton pulverized by Gaetz as outraged Dems desperately cry to Nadler to stop damage

Al Sharpton was finally confronted and exposed to his face over his glaring history of racism and anti-Semitism, not to mention his history of inciting violence against Jews.

The heated confrontation occurred thanks to outspoken conservative Rep. Matt Gaetz during a House Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday about alleged police misconduct.

Watch key moments from the confrontation below:

When given the chance to speak, Gaetz pointed out that even Sharpton’s own colleagues at MSNBC, where he works as the host of “Politics Nation,” have previously called him out for his bigotry.

“Your current MSNBC co-worker Joe Scarborough is my former congressman, and when Joe Scarborough served in the Congress, he had quite a bit to say about your contribution to the national discussion,” Gaetz began.

“It was in the hundred and sixth Congress that Joe Scarborough filed a house concurrent resolution 270 entitled ‘Condemning the Racist and anti-Semitic Views of the Reverend Al Sharpton.'”

Fact-check: TRUE.

“Mr. Scarborough’s resolution began by saying, ‘Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton
has referred to members of the Jewish faith as bloodsucking Jews and Jew b-stards,'” Gaetz continued. “So my question to you is, does Mr. Scarborough’s assertion that you said these things — is that true, or did you not say those things?”

“They are patently untrue, and I never said that and … Mr. Scarborough and I work very closely together. He comes to National Action Network conventions. I think he’s a great guy, and we do each other’s shows often,” Sharpton replied.

Though Sharpton failed to mention it, the reason the two suddenly get along now appears to because Scarborough has forgiven him for his bigotry:

Had Sharpton been speaking truthfully, though? To some degree, yes.

“In the summer of 1995 Mr. Sharpton’s National Action Network held daily protests against Freddy’s Fashion Mart, a Jewish-owned Harlem retailer that had a rent dispute with a black-owned subtenant,” a report from The Wall Street Journal published earlier this year reads.

Protesters screamed about ‘bloodsucking Jews’ and ‘Jew bastards,’ and Mr. Sharpton himself vowed: ‘We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business on 125th Street.’

So in Sharpton’s defense, he wasn’t the one who spoke of “bloodsucking Jews” and “Jew b-stards.” However, he did speak of “white interlopers.” And his rhetoric and activism did arguably play a role in inciting the murder of seven people.

In December Roland Smith, 51, who’d participated in the protests, returned to Freddy’s [Fashion Mart], brandished a gun, and burned the place down. Smith killed seven people and himself in the attack,” the Journal’s report continues.

As noted by The Federalist, however, Smith only killed the non-black patrons.

“Roland Smith Jr. – the deranged murderer – didn’t simply burn down Freddie’s,” the site notes. “He went in with a gun and asked all the black patrons to leave and then killed everyone else.”

But when questioned about the “interloper” remark Thursday, again Sharpton claimed innocence.

“Joe Scarborough then wrote, ‘Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has referred to members of the Jewish faith as ‘white interlopers’ and ‘diamond merchants,'” Gaetz said. “Have you ever referred to members of the Jewish faith as ‘white interlopers’ or ‘diamond merchants?'”

“No sir,” Sharpton replied. “I referred to one in Harlem, an individual.”

Fact-check: FALSE.

But after lying, Sharpton tried to continue talking, much to Gaetz’s annoyance.

“Thank you, Mr. Sharpton, I’m going to reclaim my time …,” the congressman said.

“I’m trying to, may I finish my answer, sir?” Sharpton responded angrily. “You asked a question, and I’m answering it.”

“I got a few more,” Gaetz said.

“And I have a few more answers,” Sharpton replied.

“I can’t wait,” Gaetz shot back.

“Well apparently you do, because you don’t want me to answer since you raised it let me finish …,” Sharpton said.

“You don’t get to filibuster by talking over my questions!” Gaetz complained.

“I’m not filibustering, I’m answering your question,” Sharpton said.

“Everyone will suspend,” committee chair Rep. Jerry Nadler then cut in.

Watch the full session below:

Here’s a rundown of the rest of Gaetz’ questions and Sharpton’s dubious replies:

Gaetz: “Did you march next to a sign that said, ‘the white man is the devil?'”

Sharpton: “I have no recollection of that.”

Gaetz: “Have you ever referred to African Americans that disagreed with you as ‘cocktail-sip negros?'”

Sharpton: “I have.”

Gaetz: “Have you ever referred to African Americans who disagreed with you as ‘yellow,’ and then the N-word?”

Sharpton: “I don’t know that I have…I’ve referred to people as names.”

Gaetz: “Have you ever referred to African Americans that disagreed with you as ‘negro militants?'”

Sharpton: “I don’t know, I don’t recall.”

Well, here’s a reminder (*Language warning):

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