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Stelter jumps Michelle Malkin for story on dead Cokie Roberts: ‘The body’s not cold yet’

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CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter jumped on conservative commentator Michelle Malkin during a discussion on media bias Tuesday night at the Paley Center for Media in New York.

The unexpected pouncing was triggered by Malkin criticizing the late Cokie Roberts — a longtime journalist who died earlier that morning — over her history of fake news.


“President Trump did not invent the concept of fake news. Cokie Roberts, of course, passed away today, and God bless her for an incredible career that she had, but I distinctly remember that she was one of the first guilty culprits of fake news,” she bluntly said.

This prompted Stelter to angrily interrupt, “Are we doing this today? We’re doing this today? You’re attacking her today? I just want to be clear. The body’s not cold yet.

“Yes we are doing this today because it is pertinent to the discussion about fake news and media bias,” Malkin responded to Stelter at the panel discussion Tuesday.

“1994, covering the State of the Union address of Bill Clinton, she was ordered by [then-ABC News producer] Rick Kaplan — because she was not in the actual building where the speech was delivered — to stand in front of a simulation of the Capitol and put on a coat to pretend she was outside to do a live shot.”

“She couldn’t be there because she was doing a speaking engagement, and only after they were called out by Variety did they acknowledge that it was an error, a mistake,” when this was a deliberate attempt to deceive the viewing public into thinking that she was actually there live covering it. Fake news has existed far before President Trump even had the idea of running for office.”

“ABC News correspondent Cokie Roberts and a producer were reprimanded for faking an outdoor shot at Capitol Hill,” the Orlando Sentinel reported at the time.

“Roberts was seen standing in front of the Capitol wearing an overcoat. Roberts, apparently pressed for time, did the standup from a studio a few blocks away. Roberts didn’t return telephone calls Tuesday. However, Roberts told The Washington Post, ‘I made a mistake.'”

Everybody makes mistakes. In Roberts’ case, she actually made many of them.

Two years ago she suggested that allegedly lower-class republican women would still support then-Alabama congressional candidate Roy Moore, despite accusations of sexual harassment and assault, because they were essentially OK with such behavior.

Ironically, that same year Roberts admitted that she and other members of the media had been aware of since-resigned Rep. John Conyers’ sexual misconduct “for years” but had chosen to stay silent about it.

“I mean, we all talked about [it] for years. … Don’t get in the elevator with him, you know, and the whole every female in the press corps knew that, right, don’t get in an elevator with him,” she said. “Now people are saying it out loud.”


Malkin received praise on social media from some not only for the Roberts remark but for her other statements as well.


Note also how Malkin had kept her criticism polite and respectful. The same may not be said of the monstrous people, some of them with blue checks marks, who responded to her polite criticism with psychotic rage.

Look (*Language warning):

This standard that the recently dead shouldn’t be criticized certainly hasn’t been practiced by Stelter’s peers in the demonstrably left-wing, partisan mainstream media.

Following the passage of billionaire philanthropist David Koch last month from prostate cancer, some members of the left-wing media trashed his legacy and even celebrated his death:

The latter media member, Keith Boykin, is Stelter’s colleague at CNN.

The fact that the same type of far-leftists who’d celebrate the death of a conservative could then turn around and psychotically bash Malkin for politely criticizing a recently deceased left-wing reporter does seem to speak to how much cognitive dissonance exists on the left side of the political aisle.

Vivek Saxena


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