Mercedes plows into lobby of Trump Plaza, NY

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Late Tuesday evening, a black Mercedes reportedly plowed into the lobby of a luxury apartment complex in New Rochelle, New York, that’s owned by President Donald Trump.

The Trump Plaza, as the complex is known, was hit about 9 pm according to local authorities.

“The lobby entrance to Trump Plaza sits on a dead end, and the driver apparently came down from that direction. The front of the car was mangled and the airbags deployed,” local station WABC reported.

“I just heard like a big boom,” local resident Israel Galvan said to the station. “And everyone in there heard like something and some didn’t. And I just came out this way and I just see all the glass. Then I come down and I see the guy he’s like casually just coming out.”

Eyewitnesses say that following the crash, the stunned driver casually stepped out of his vehicle and took a seat on one of the lobby’s couches without saying a single word.

Only four injuries were sustained — three minor ones by the driver and two pedestrians, and one major one by the Mercedes, which was reportedly totaled beyond repair.

Local authorities believe the crash was an accident.

“Authorities say it does not appear to have been intentional. There are no indications it was anything more than an accident,” WABC reported.

Some members of the general public believe the driver may have been texting and driving or drunk:

But one local resident suspects the crash may have been intentional.

“I walk my dog all the time and this is kind of crazy to see the way the car careen into the heavy glass doors,” New Rochelle resident Marlene Johnson said to local station WCBS.

You wonder if somebody lost control of a car and what’s going on in the world, did somebody deliberately run the car into the Trump Tower? I don’t know.

Perhaps, but according to maintenance worker Kevin Jenkins, the driver did seem shaken up.

“I seen a driver sitting over there in the doorman and the concierge,” he said to WCBS. “The concierge’s got her. He was sitting in the chair, he was bleeding. He just really shook up.”

It sounds like the driver may have been suffering from genuine shock.

“A car accident that causes serious injury is a traumatic experience. After certain physical injuries, a person in a crash may go into shock,” the Joye Law Form, a Virginia based legal practice that deals with personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, notes.

“A car accident victim in shock may have a range of symptoms including clammy skin, a pale or ashen complexion, a rapid pulse, enlarged pupils, dizziness and nausea.”

Plus, a Mercedes is an awfully expensive card to waste on a grudge against the president.

While it seems unlikely that this crash was deliberate, anti-Trump zealots do have a history of engaging in stunningly bizarre and dangerous behavior. Just three months ago, for instance, an anti-Trump Florida woman literally stabbed herself multiple times because of Trump.

“A Florida woman stabbed herself three times with a kitchen knife and told responding officers that President Trump was to blame,” the Washington Examiner reported at the time.

“Officers found the unidentified woman standing outside her home in Palmetto, Fla., bleeding from her hands, legs, and face. … After being asked what was wrong, the woman responded, ‘I’m tired of living in Trump’s country, I’m tired of Trump being president.'”

A snapshot of the police report may be seen below:

(Source: The Smoking Gun)

If an anti-Trump zealot was willing to do this to herself, what else might someone who’s suffering from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome be willing to do?

As of Wednesday morning, the president had not yet spoken or tweeted about the crash. Someone with the Trump Organization did reportedly issue a statement though.

“We would like to thank the first responders for their swift attention to this evening’s incident. We are truly grateful to them for their service,” the unnamed spokesperson said.

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