CNN showdown: Cuomo accused of spreading Trump ‘fake news’ by CNN contributor

Chris Cuomo and CNN contributor Steve Cortes had a heated clash on President Donald Trump connecting to Latino voters. The debate got so fiery that Cortes even accused Cuomo of spreading “fake news” about the president.

Asked how the president can “love Latinos” when he has said so many “anti-Mexican” and “anti-Puerto-Rican” things, Cortes responded by saying that Trump has gotten economic results for Latino communities and that’s what really matters.

(Screenshots from CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time”)

“This president has simply been an amazing leader for Hispanics,” Cortes said. “I think a lot of Hispanics look at Donald Trump and they may say, ‘Look, I would like him if he phrased things differently.'”

Cuomo was having none of this. He insisted that Trump has “denigrated” Latinos and he has maybe a “third” of their support, if any at all.

“Put that in context,” replied Cortes. “A third of them, Chris, is incredible compared to expectations.”

“For someone who says bigoted things about them, maybe,” Cuomo said. This is when Cortes called out Cuomo for repeating the assertion that Trump has put down Latinos with his rhetoric.

“No, he does not say bigoted — that is not true,” Cortes said. “Now, that is fake news for you to say that.”

“Oh, Steve, stop that crock-talk,” Cuomo said after being accused of spreading fake news.

Cortes went on to say that it’s “bigoted” to turn the Southern border crisis into a “racial” issue.

“America is not a race, so by protecting America, you are protecting Americans of every color, whether they are brown or black or purple,” Cortes said. “But what has the media done on a consistent basis? It’s trying to make his tough border policies inherently or systemically racist.”

“Because he has depicted the people who are coming to the border as savages who are bombarding the gate,” Cuomo responded.

“Some of them are,” Cortes shot back. “Some of them are, Chris, and we know that.”

Check out the full segment from “Cuomo Prime Time” below:

“Trump supporter @CortesSteve, who POTUS said looks more ‘wasp than I do,’ says fellow Hispanics care more about what Trump does than what he says. It’s not “so important they have a man who speaks in an incredibly measured and lawyerly way…he’s making their lives better,” the Twitter account for “Cuomo Prime Time” announced about the heated verbal fight between Cuomo and Cortes.

The segment between Cortes and Cuomo started with a video of Trump speaking at a rally where he spoke about Hispanic supporters and he threw in a dig in at Cortes.

“He happens to be Hispanic, but I’ve never quite figured it out because he looks more like a WASP than I do,” the president said of Cortes.

Trump continued, “Nobody loves the Hispanics more. Who do you like more, the country or the Hispanics? He says the country. I don’t know. I may have to go for the Hispanics, to be honest with you. We got a lot of Hispanics. We love our Hispanics. Get out and vote.”


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