Sean Spicer shimmies with extra spice on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Sean Spicer danced his heart out on Monday night TV … in a fluorescent yellow puffy shirt that caused a stir to viewers — and Twitter.

Monday was the season premiere of “Dancing with the Stars,” and the former White House press secretary danced a salsa to The Spice Girls’ “Spice Up Your Life” — irony intended — while giving the go to the green getup.

While Spicer appeared to be enjoying himself, ABC had to be paying him some real money to risk such ridicule — not that they didn’t get their money’s worth with both the song selection and the costume.

Well, how about a minimum of $125,000, which is what he reportedly will earn. If he manages to stick around, it will be much higher — is that enough to motivate you to go on national TV and make a fool of yourself?

“I was Donald Trump’s first White House press secretary,” Spicer said in a clip played to introduce him. “There’s no question my time in the White House was tumultuous.”

Spicer explained that his time in the Trump administration gave people “a very one-dimensional look at who I am as a person” and after two years, “it was finally time to enjoy myself.”

He highlighted a tweet from President Trump mentioning his guest appearance on “Dancing with the Stars.”

“It’s nice to have the leader of the free world on your side when it comes to getting votes,” Spicer said, adding that he’s “a little nervous.”

“This wasn’t part of the plan,” he said in an interview this week with The New Yorker. “Frankly, I’m just making money, trying to enjoy life.”

As for his political background, Spicer said the show tried to have “a diverse cast.”

“Mark Cuban, sports people, Hollywood folks, Tom DeLay, Rick Perry, Tucker Carlson, Bristol Palin,” he explained. “They’ve had a lot of conservative-slash-political folks. I’d say I’m in that lineage.”

Naturally, the Democratic Party played the role of stick-in-the-mud, getting political over Spicer’s participation on the show:

Then again, you could say Spicer’s appearance on the show came close to breaking the internet. At the very least, it gave Trump haters plenty of opportunity to ridicule him.

And while the ridicule and toxic hatred was off the charts, Spicer did have his share of support:

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