Former Obama officials rush to disgraced McCabe’s defense
Screen capture … Former FBI official Andrew McCabe … Credit: MSNBC

A lineup of leaders on the Obama national security team are committed to testifying in defense of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe if he finally goes to trial over allegations he lied about leaks to the media.

“Mr. McCabe has obtained commitments from more than a dozen former high-ranking government officials who worked closely with Mr. McCabe on law enforcement and national security matters to testify as character witnesses on Mr. McCabe’s behalf,” a spokesman told Politico. “An errant version included some individuals who have not committed to serve as character witnesses at trial. We requested that Politico remove those names.”

Politico reporter Natasha Bertrand updated her article and tweeted an update to a who’s who list of McCabe defenders willing to stand up for him …

McCabe’s attorneys said the testimony of these witnesses won’t be limited “solely to character evidence.” They would be expected to serve “as fact witnesses, to testify about the many critical and highly sensitive national security and law enforcement they worked on with Mr. McCabe.”

If charges are filed against McCabe, his legal team has indicated in an analysis provided to the Justice Department that the list of defense witnesses could include former Obama chief of staff Denis McDonough and former homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco. Other officials could include former Director of National Intelligence Lt. Gen. James Clapper and former CIA Deputy Director David Cohen, according to Politico.

McCabe has been accused of “unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor” on multiple occasions.

In March 2018, McCabe was fired by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions shortly before being eligible for full-pension retirement. The FBI’s Office of Personal Responsibility recommended the dismissal following a probe by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who determined McCabe lied to investigators examining the bureau’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email server case.

It is unknown at this point whether an indictment has been returned by the grand jury or what charges have been recommended against McCabe. He was criminally referred to the US Attorneys office for prosecution early in 2018, so the wheels of justice are turning very slowly.

Politico reported: “McCabe’s legal team previously asked DOJ to overrule the prosecutors’ indictment recommendation, but were rebuffed, according to a person familiar with the matter. The lawyers wrote an 11-page legal analysis, entitled ‘Reasons Not To Prosecute Andrew McCabe,’ as part of their effort to convince DOJ not to bring charges.”

However, according to sources, last week the Justice Department denied the appeal by McCabe’s legal team to avoid charges.

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