Get the F out: Trans employee fired for telling off conservative customer

Cultiva Espresso & Crepe was forced to fire transgender employee Natalie Weiss after she cursed at a conservative patron over political differences. Marilyn Synek walked into the […]

Nike takes Twitter by storm with Raptors hijab

In their liberal quest to be seen as “inclusive,” Nike has partnered with the NBA’s Toronto Raptors to offer a hijab with the iconic Nike swoosh. Never […]

Sen. Ben Sasse: Cyberwar with China would cripple military’s GPS

Sen. Ben Sasse is sounding the alarm on a potentially “disastrous” cyber war in which China could be “blowing up everything” in space. The Nebraska Republican shared […]

Insane: Falcons receiver hits 20 MPH during TD blitz

Popular wide receiver Julio Jones reached a speed of 20 mph Sunday in a mad dash to the end zone to give the Atlanta Falcons a big […]

RuPaul at Emmy win: ‘We are all God in drag’

RuPaul reflected on the “deeper level” of drag and how people should ultimately become “an extension of the power” which created the universe. Speaking to reporters at the Creative […]

When they say ‘we’ are going to take your Ar-15s…who is ‘we,’ exactly?

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.  When Beto O’Rourke ran for the Senate against Ted Cruz in 2018, he very explicitly said […]

Hollywood, leftist Dems pile on Kavanaugh impeachment train

Renewed calls for impeachment against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh can be heard echoing about Hollywood. After the New York Times promoted a thinly-sourced story in which […]

Candidate Yang gets it: Economic drivers propelled Trump…not racism

A new column by Brian Dickerson in the Detroit Free Press seeks to explain why 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s analysis of President Donald Trump’s 2016 victory […]

‘Wildly inflated’: California wastes billions on overpriced health insurance

Not only are California taxpayers shelling out over $3 billion every year to cover health insurance for government workers, but those benefits cost 50 percent more than […]

Marsha Blackburn: Privacy at stake — hold ‘Big Tech accountable’

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., said that if Americans want to protect their privacy, they must “hold Big Tech accountable.” In an op-ed run Sunday by Fox News, […]

Kneeling Kaepernick ad wins Emmy for Nike

On Sunday, former NFL quarterback and current social justice warrior Colin Kaepernick’s ad received an Emmy Award in the “Creative Arts” category. He both starred in and […]

Oil slammed by biggest price jump ever — Trump eyes reserves

President Donald Trump countered the sudden disruption to oil markets by assuring there would be “plenty” available and authorizing the release of oil from America’s emergency reserves. […]

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