Charlie Kirk notices one thing missing from stage in all 3 Dem debates

Last night was the 3rd 2020 Democratic presidential debate and the first one that didn’t have to take place over the course of two nights.

In case you didn’t watch, here’s a quick recap of the night:

  • Andrew Yang effectively turned his campaign into a Publisher’s Clearing House-style sweepstakes
  • Kamala Harris started off the night bashing Trump, because of course she did
  • Kamala Harris later got taken to the woodshed on her criminal justice record by no other than a debate moderator
  • Joe Biden told people to “turn their record players on” for some inexplicable reason
  • Joe Biden also flat-out lied when he claimed that Obama “didn’t lock people up in cages”
  • Pete Buttigieg basically called all Trump supporters racist
  • Julian Castro all but called Biden senile and was denounced by his peers
  • Beto O’Rourke is coming after your guns

But while the rest of us were focused on what the Democrats (and socialists) were saying, Turning Points founder Charlie Kirk was looking at something else entirely: the stage.

What he found – or didn’t find – shocked him. There was not one American flag to be found. He then realized that there were no flags in any of the previous Democrat debates either. He posted his findings on Twitter.

Some social media users obliged Kirk with a response:

As for the locations of the missing flags? Well Twitter-ers also had some ideas on that too:


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