Dobbs: Far-left Soros spreading cash wildly for anti-American agenda


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Lou Dobbs called out George Soros and the “pervasive” funding efforts by the left-wing billionaire that “work against sovereignty.”

The Fox Business Network host spoke about the efforts by Soros to fund an anti-American agenda during a discussion with political commentator and author Michelle Malkin on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” Wednesday.

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Dobbs brought up the role Soros is playing “in the funding of all of the activities that seem to persist, despite almost every effort to stop illegal immigration, to secure borders, to bring law and order and respect for the nation to our society.”

Malkin – whose newest book, “Open Borders, Inc.: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?” dubbed Soros the “CEO of Open Borders Inc.” –  told Dobbs “we have a deliberate chaos that has been imposed upon our country” by the 89-year-old liberal investor and philanthropist whom she said has poured billions into his network of non-profit Open Society Foundations.

“There is a larger agenda at work,” Malkin said.

“And George Soros himself… explicitly says the idea of sovereignty, something that so many of us who are children of legal immigrants, for example, respect as a fundamental precept for the survival of a country, sovereignty to George Soros is quote-unquote an obstacle,” she added. “And he has created an entire infrastructure of tax-exempt nonprofits to do his bidding.”

Dobbs agreed about the impact Soros has had on the country.

“It’s extraordinary and I think most people, and I’ll include myself, can’t conceive of why a man would fund efforts that would work against sovereignty, work against our laws – there are laws against illegal immigration,” he said.

“And to see his tentacles reach out into various non-government organizations and nonprofits that are working with everything from the Koch Brothers to the Southern Poverty Law Center, as you document through this book,” Dobbs added. “It’s stunning to see how pervasive and how successful he has been with his strategy.”

Malkin contended that Soros could not accomplish his agenda “all on his own,” citing special interest groups including the “Koch Brothers on the right, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and any number of international organizations from the United Nations to the European Union and here, the entire legal community.”

“You wonder why there are “Know Your Rights” seminars immediately at the border working bi-nationally to confirm more rights on illegal aliens than American citizens themselves,” she said.

Critics missed the forest for the trees and immediately attacked Dobbs for his “tentacles” reference to Soros, accusing him of using a longstanding anti-Semitic trope against the Jewish billionaire who was born in Hungary.

Meanwhile, plenty of Twitter users called out the left’s hypocrisy in condemning Dobbs for the remark.

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