‘We’re better than this’ Rep. Collins chides Democrats on impeachment

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Rep. Doug Collins criticized House Democrats on their push for impeachment, calling the “attack” on President Trump nothing more than a “show.”

The House Judiciary Committee ranking member spoke with Fox News anchors Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith on Tuesday about the panel’s planned vote on a resolution on Thursday, scolding Chairman Jerry Nadler and others who “want to take a match” to the processes in Congress in their pursuit of bringing down the president.

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Collins called out Nadler on “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday for “not being truthful” and working hard to “make it appear something that it’s not,” in his maneuvers on whether to recommend articles of impeachment.

“The sad part about this is, what’s really true is that he doesn’t want to bring it to the House because he know it’s not an impeachment inquiry. It’s really sad that he would take this much time to really try to define for the American people an attack on the president when really they have nothing,” the Georgia Republican said.

“If they were truly serious about this, they would go to the floor. They would do it the right way. Instead they just want to take a match basically to all the process we have in our committee,” Collins added.

Along with fellow Republicans, Collins has accused Democrats of trying to get around the House rules by not holding a full vote in the chamber on whether to open an impeachment inquiry. Adding to the confusion Nadler’s technical measure, titled “Resolution for Investigative Procedures,” is creating has been House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to approve of a formal impeachment inquiry.

“I think you should characterize it [the resolution] for what it is,” Pelosi told Fox News. “It’s a continuation of what we have been doing. You know, we all work together on these things.”

But Collins scoffed at the idea that Pelosi was supporting Nadler’s impeachment push.

“She’s supporting it because it simply will do nothing,” he said. “It’s real easy for her to say she supports Chairman Nadler because, in the end, it’s not going to do anything … this committee has become nothing but a committee of press releases.”

Collins agreed with Hemmer’s remarks that “this whole issue lives and dies in the committee,” noting that Democrats don’t want it to go any further or else they would have worded the resolution differently. He chided what the lawmakers have done to undermine the integrity of the committee, noting that a Republican staffer even thought the Nadler’s resolution was ” a joke” because of the way it was worded.

“This is how bad it has gotten up here…we’re better than this,” the congressman lamented. “Instead of coming back and doing real work, instead of doing the things people have sent us here [to do], we’re changing committee rules and calling it something else because they absolutely despise this president – it has become so obvious.”

He accused Pelosi of “empowering” the process because she knows she can “protect her members at the same time while letting the chairman satisfy his own left political base in the process.”

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