Teacher unexpectedly gives birth on sidewalk outside middle school, principal coaches her through it

A sixth grade Denver middle school teacher gave birth prematurely at school last Tuesday. Kind of … To be honest, Lindsay Agbalokwu, 33, actually gave birth just […]

College president says safe spaces ‘promote intellectual diversity,’ Bongino goes off

In light of the president of Wesleyan University arguing recently for safe spaces, Dan Bongino dropped a truth bomb on the liberal administrator. “The world’s a tough place. […]

Biden says he tried to coach Hillary during her campaign, but she didn’t listen

Interestingly, 2020 Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden pointed to the infamous 2005 “Access Hollywood” tape capturing Donald Trump engaging in locker room banter with host Billy Bush in […]

20 Quotes about free speech and censorship that Liberals need to read

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.  Liberals have fallen in love with the idea of censoring people they disagree with via shouting […]

Taliban talks: Pompeo did not take the bait

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo put himself in the hot seat as he visited multiple Sunday talk shows. Confronted multiple times over reports about a canceled meeting about […]

Ed Henry couldn’t stop his flowing tears during emotional return to ‘Fox & Friends’

  Fox News chief national correspondent Ed Henry was overcome with emotion in July when he announced on air that he was going on a medical leave […]

Bret Baier calls 70% chance Pompeo’s about to run for US Senate

Fox News host Bret Baier suspects that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may run for a Senate seat in Kansas. In fact, he believes there’s a 70 percent […]

Pam Anderson believes everyone around the world should get to vote for US president

“Baywatch” actress Pamela Anderson shared a brilliant idea online about the entire world being allowed to vote in the U.S. presidential election. As if the anti-globalists don’t […]

Air Force defends Scotland stopover, Trump’s hotel was cheapest

The Air Force has been forced to defend itself from accusations by congressional Democrats and their partisan media allies that a decision last March by an Air Force […]

Queen ‘baffled’ by Meghan Markle snub, Serena fans call duchess a ‘bad luck charm’

Meghan Markle, aka the Duchess of Sussex, may not be getting as many fancy invitations in the future, for a few reasons. According to the Daily Mail, […]

Campaign complains about Fox & Friends’ 100% accurate report on Buttigieg’s abortion comments

Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is angry at the hosts of “Fox & Friends” for running what appears to be a 100 percent accurate report about his […]

Joe Walsh plays willing stooge for Maher: ‘You were leader of anti-Obama nutcase caucus’

Former Republican congressman Joe Walsh desperately wants to be seen as a serious primary challenger to President Trump, but he’s finding out that the bigger opponent he […]