5 things that aren’t racist

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.  Liberals habitually call just about everything racist these days except for each other and with the […]

Wa-Po fires back after Trump names two ‘nasty lightweight reporters’ not welcome on grounds

President Trump’s angry message about two Washington Post reporters sparked a quick comeback from the paper’s executive editor calling the attack “unwarranted and dangerous.” Washington Post executive editor […]

Fmr Dem lawmaker cheers Warren’s tax code, it’s like ‘looting mansions’

On Friday, a former Illinois state senator expressed his support for Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s radical “wealth tax” on the basis that implementing it would […]

NFL’s Drew Brees not backing down after Bible stand

NFL quarterback Drew Brees is setting the record straight about his stand on a video promoting the Bible. The New Orleans Saints star posted a video message […]

Chick-fil-A’s Canada opening stormed by protesters

The opening of a first Chick-fil-A restaurant in Canada — Toronto — Friday morning was reportedly met by protests from both anti-Christian activists and animal rights activists. […]

Vile ‘View’: Pamela Anderson, McCain battle over WikiLeaks

Actress and activist Pamela Anderson found herself in not-so-friendly territory as she defended WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on “The View.” The show’s co-hosts confronted her on her […]

Kirstie Alley slaps Hollywood ‘a**hats’ who snub Trump supporters

Kirstie Alley has joined a growing group of voices expressing concern over some in Hollywood who want to shun Trump supporters in Tinseltown. She joins “The View” […]

Judge blasts attempts to block info release on Hillary’s email scandal

During a court hearing last month regarding the State Department’s proven attempts to cover up former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, a federal judge reportedly […]

‘Morning Joe’ airs video of Fox slamming Trump

Viewers tuning in to MSNBC on Friday morning may have been confused to see nearly two minutes of uninterrupted Fox News content. The unusual broadcast took place […]

Dobbs: Trump vindicated over hurricane-gate

Now that the facts are out and President Donald Trump’s concerns about Hurricane Dorian potentially striking Alabama have been vindicated, it would behoove the “national left wing media” […]

Maine to be 1st state using ‘ranked voting’ for presidential election

Maine will be the first state to allow voters to rank their choices in presidential elections, starting with the November 2020 election. Governor Janet Mills, a Democrat, […]

blacks for trump
Black unemployment rate plunged to record low in booming Trump economy

Black unemployment tumbled to a record low in August under the Trump administration — fueled by plunging unemployment among black women. The unemployment rate for black workers […]