Grisham delivers brutal comeback to CNN’s relentless coverage of ‘lines on a map’

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Unsurprisingly, CNN spent the better part of their morning reporting on President Donald Trump showing an “apparently altered” National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration map of Hurricane Dorian’s suspected path of travel. They believed that Trump added an additional line onto the map to cover for a “gaffe” he made in which he claimed that the disaster may travel through Florida into Alabama.

“Over the course of the storm’s development, Trump has erroneously claimed multiple times that Alabama had been in the storm’s path,” read the article. “The claim got pushback from weather experts, including the Birmingham, Alabama, branch of the National Weather Service.”

In fact, they wrote a whole story speculating on who could have possibly written the line on the map, and what writing utensil they used. (Sharpie was a fan favorite, with one MSNBC host diving into Trump’s history with the permanent marker.)

“A White House official told CNN there had been a discussion in the Oval Office before the briefing about what the early models showed and that Dorian could have been worse than initial projections. One of the officials in the room agreed and used a black marker, unprompted, to make the point by extending a line all the way into the southeast region of Alabama, according to the official, who described the situation as ‘innocuous.'”

CNN host Brian Stelter went so far as to call the little line one of the most ‘egregious errors of the Trump presidency’:

But while they were busy losing their minds over a black line on Trump’s map, they seemed to completely forget that they had royally messed up a map of their own.

Luckily, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham was available to check the anti-Trump network.

Yes, while the President was worried that Hurricane Dorian would affect Alabama, CNN appears to have completely removed it from the map altogether. I guess a natural disaster can’t bother a state that no longer exists.

Twitter collectively laughed over the hypocritical outrage from a network that many people – including the President himself – consider to be rife with “fake news” stories.


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