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Dobbs continues to rail against ‘impotent’ RINOs: ‘there’s no lions that I can see!’

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Fox Business host Lou Dobbs fumed about there being “no lions” in Congress and slammed “impotent” Republicans who risk losing the White House because of their lack of support for President Trump.

Dobbs unloaded on “Republican In Name Only” lawmakers who are not doing enough to back Trump in the face of Democrats’ “venom and vigor” as he spoke with GOP strategist Ed Rollins on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” Wednesday.

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“This is all about party politics,” Dobbs said. “And the Republicans are playing the part of the naive and passive patsies while the left is filled with venom and vigor and viciousness.”

Rollins noted that while Democrats see politics as a “lifelong occupation,” Republicans see it as “sort of a hobby.”

“At which they’re not very damn good,” Dobbs shot back.

He went on to blast the “milquetoast” voices of Republicans in Congress who refuse to offer the president more staunch and vocal support, especially on the recent issue of trade with China. Dobbs also pointed to the many GOP lawmakers who have announced they will not be seeking re-election after their term ends, putting the party at risk for losing the Senate and the White House.

“The words just sort of lay there as they talked about leveling the playing field,” he said. “We’re talking about an existential threat, as the president stated, to the United States.”

“We can’t even get from the Republican Party in the House or the Republicans in the Senate vigorous support for this president in advance of an election that is now within the next year and a half,” the Fox Business host fumed.

Dobbs also confronted Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel on spineless “RINOs” who “roll over like puppies” rather than aggressively support the president.

“What are you going to do to assure that the Republican Party does not tear itself to pieces going into the critical presidential election year?” he asked her on his show Wednesday.

Rollins predicted it will be a close race and that “people have to understand we could lose the presidency.”

“People have to understand? What about the senators, the House, the Republican Party?” Dobbs interjected as Rollins went on to say there is “a lot at stake.”

“So why in the world, what kind of person is sitting in the House of Representatives or the Senate who doesn’t come back on their haunches and just roar like a damn lion and go get ’em? Because there are no lions that I can see!” Dobbs exclaimed.

He called out weak GOP responses to attacks by Democrats.

“I am getting tired of what is basically the Republican response to the viciousness, the highly energized viciousness of the Democratic party on the part of Republicans,” Dobbs vented.

“They basically say ‘We’re going to write a strong letter. We may hold a hearing someday.’ It’s just nonsense!” he said.

“They are effete, they’re impotent, and they are not worthy of support if they don’t go to work for this president!” Dobbs declared. “Either this president wins the election in 2020 or the Republican Party may be, maybe what many of the Democrats hope, and that is a thing of the past.”

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