Tomi Lahren admits her new pro-America clothing line is not made in USA

tomi lahren clothing line made in china
Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren was trolled online amid news that her “patriotic” athleisure clothing line is made in China. (screenshots)

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren was relentlessly mocked on social media after admitting that her new pro-America, “patriotic” athleisure clothing line is actually made in China.

People from both sides of the political arena slammed Lahren as a hypocrite, since she has repeatedly lectured American businesses to manufacture their products in the United States instead of overseas, where labor costs are significantly cheaper.

Lahren explained on Twitter yesterday that “like many American small business owners, Alexo aims to be Made in America. We are working towards that.”

Lahren then shared a statement from Amy Robbin, the CEO of Alexo Athletica, the maker of Tomi’s clothing line.

“Due to the increased labor costs and heightened regulations many US based manufacturers face we were left with little option but to manufacture overseas to start out,” Robbins said. “We’re working diligently to bring our manufacturing back home to the US and work with other hardworking companies that pride themselves on integrity and quality.”

The reaction on Twitter was brutal.

One person tweeted: “Just when you thought you couldn’t get any dumber.”

He then posted an edited photo of Lahren posing in her “FreeDumb” clothing line at the Great Wall of China.

Another Twitter user quipped: “Hypocrisy 101” showing Lahren sporting a red “Made in China” superhero costume.

One guy tweeted: “You played yourself, Tomi!”

Lahren is no stranger to being trolled and attacked on Twitter. She’s an easy target because she’s attractive, blonde, and very opinionated.

That said, some of the derision Lahren ignited over her “pro-America” clothing line stems from the fact that Lahren is a vocal advocate of supporting American-made products.

In June, Lahren posted a video where she railed on about the importance of making products in the United States.

“America and Americans first!” Lahren shouted. “We should come first in our own dang country!”

(Source: Fox News)

Just two weeks ago, Lahren attended the first-ever “Made in America” trade show, which spotlighted American businesses that talk the talk AND walk the walk.

Sadly, Tomi Lahren’s career has slowly imploded during the past two years amid criticism that she’s just a pretty face who shouts platitudes but has no substance to back up anything she says.

This latest debacle seems to confirm this negative perception. In other words, it seems like Tomi is merely the face of “her” clothing line, while the important decisions are made by business executives who apparently don’t seek her input — or even keep her in the loop.

The tone-deafness of Lahren spouting pro-America rhetoric and berating U.S. businesses that manufacture products overseas while the apparel maker she models for does the same thing is a poor reflection on both Tomi and the company she represents.

At this point, Lahren’s clothing line won’t appeal to either liberal or conservative consumers, given this humiliating controversy.

That said, Lahren is still fairly young (27), so she has plenty of time to recover from any setbacks.

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