NYT caves again, revises Tea Party story to appease angry leftists

If The New York Times ever had a backbone, it’s long gone at this point.

The paper has once again bowed to leftist critics and amended a story that apparently just wasn’t hard enough on conservatives.

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The Times faced criticism over a recent story headlined “The Tea Party Didn’t Get What It Wanted, But It Did Unleash the Politics of Anger.”

Ironically, a story about the “politics of anger” only drew out anger in the always reliably crazy leftists.

“Oh, God. Are we still pretending that the Tea Party was about small government and concern about budget deficits? It was always, from the beginning, about racial anger; opposition to big government only to the extent that it helps Those People,” Times columnist Paul Krugman tweeted in reaction to the story.

“I know the Times doesn’t like to call anything racist, but jfc this look back at the Tea Party goes to some ABSURD lengths to avoid the obvious fact that they just didn’t like the black guy in office!” Dave Levitan, author of “Not a Scientist: How Politicians Mistake, Misrepresent and Utterly Mangle Science,” added in a tweet.


The New York Times ended up caving to the pressure — as they always do.

The story was amended to include lines that said some Tea Party members carried signs “with racist caricatures and references.” A new addition also said many early supporters of the anti-big government group were just against the “first black president,” meaning former President Barack Obama — apparently, in the mind of Times writers, the president’s actual big government policies had nothing to do with the protests.

NYT political editor Patrick Healy tried to explain the changes with a whimpering report about the amendments.

“After publishing, we heard from readers who made the point that in a story about the Tea Party and history, race and racism within the Tea Party movement needed to be addressed,” he wrote. “While our story was chiefly about deficits and spending, we decided to add context about the Tea Party attacks on President Obama and the racist displays at some Tea Party rallies. We updated the story and sent out a tweet about that update.”

The New York Times may be appeasing far-leftists with its constant changes, but it’s also losing whatever small sliver of respect was left for it in the minds of common sense people.

“Repeatedly letting itself get bullied into changing its coverage for the left is not a good look for the NYT,” Mark Hemingway, senior writer at RealClearInvestigations, tweeted about the Times’ latest change.


Another recent change by the paper was changing the headline “Trump Urges Unity Vs. Racism,” following the president’s national address after the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. The new headline said Trump was “Assailing Hate But Not Guns.” The change came after leftists complained the original headline was not hard enough on the president.

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