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Omar plays victim, dodges reporter’s ‘stupid’ questions part of ‘smear’ campaign

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Rep. Ilhan Omar dismissed a reporter’s “stupid” questions and lashed out at efforts to allegedly “smear” her character following a Minneapolis event.

The Minnesota Democrat arrogantly played the victim Wednesday after refusing to answer a reporter’s questions about the latest allegations of an affair and misuse of campaign funds, taking to Twitter to claim “people can’t come to terms with my existence in Congress.”

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Omar dodged the questions coming in on the heels of a complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission that alleged she illegally used campaign funds to cover travel and other expenses for Washington, D.C. political consultant Tim Mynett, with whom she reportedly had an affair as revealed in a divorce filing on Tuesday.

“The amount of energy and money people are spending to smear my character is alarming. It’s as if these people can’t come to terms with my existence in Congress. I wonder why?” Omar tweeted Wednesday.

The freshman congresswoman was in Minnesota for a series of discussions and dodged questions about the allegations, getting up and leaving the room when asked after a talk on immigration Tuesday night at the Colin Powell Center, according to KARE-TV.

A reporter for the television station recounted his encounters with the Muslim lawmaker in a series of tweets:

Lou Raguse noted that Omar “did not address the allegations and then took a predictable dig at the press for ‘only wanting to cover shenanigans.'”

“It’s always fascinating. These media people say, ‘The congresswoman doesn’t focus on her work,’” Omar told those gathered for a roundtable discussion on food insecurity. “And then you’re here to do work and they will talk to you about some shenanigans and rumors that are online.”

She told reporters that they could “chase me all you want” but would not get her to comment, according to KMSP-TV.

Raguse reported that he followed the congresswoman out but she still dismissed his efforts to get a response.

Omar gave other reporters that same reception as WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy reported the first-term congresswoman would not answer questions as she arrived at the roundtable, but noted she had “traded barbs” with reporters.

KMSP-TV’s Theo Keith said he was “boxed” into a door by the lawmaker’s aide in order to block him from asking what she called “stupid” questions.

With more events scheduled in Minneapolis on Thursday, it seems Omar will not be able to stay clear of reporters confronting her about the allegations for long.

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