NY judge delivers Trump a win, orders Michael Cohen to pay up

Michael Cohen lost a major part of his lawsuit against the Trump Organization. A New York state court judge ruled Wednesday that Trump’s former personal lawyer will have […]

Brian Kilmeade hashes it out with Trump over Fox News slams

President Trump defended his criticism of Fox News after being confronted by “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade about his recent change of heart. Kilmeade asked the […]

Bret Baier rakes ‘crowing’ Comey over the coals, media cohorts follow suit

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey’s cocky, arrogant and obnoxious sanctimony in the face of a “damning” report from the Department of Justice has earned him caustic censure […]

The 7 best jokes from the new Dave Chappelle special that is infuriating liberals

OPINION: John Hawkins These days, humorless liberals are famous for screaming some version of, “That’s not funny!” at people, but Dave Chappelle’s new special “Stick & Stones” […]

FEC wants to know why Bernie Sanders has lengthy list of sketchy campaign contributions

On Wednesday the Federal Election Committee sent a letter to Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign regarding 69 pages worth of sketchy campaign contributions. Written in […]

Biden says ‘xenophobic’ Japan keeps women in workforce to keep foreigners out

Another day, another Joe Biden gaffe. The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate added another incident to his growing list of misstatements and verbal flubs by making a strange […]

Mark Levin makes mincemeat out of Trump-bashing psychiatrist

Remember Dr. Bandy Lee, the reportedly unlicensed Yale School of Medicine psychiatrist who’s repeatedly been trotted out by congressional Democrats and their media allies to speak publicly […]

Feds raid homes and retreat of auto union officials amid nationwide corruption probe

As part of a nationwide corruption probe, agents with the FBI and Internal Revenue Service have reportedly raided the properties of multiple United Auto Workers officials. “Federal […]

Comey’s curious reaction doesn’t mesh with ‘reality’ of scathing IG report that just dropped

The anticipated report on James Comey by the Justice Department inspector general delivered a blistering assessment of his handling of memos which violated agency policies. But the former FBI […]

Stephanie Grisham blasts ‘biased & dishonest’ CNN for taking her quotes out of context

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham lashed out at CNN for “weaponizing journalism” by intentionally taking her words out of context. Grisham blasted the liberal network Wednesday […]

NYC police union votes ‘no confidence’ resolution against de Blasio and O’Neill, demand they be fired

In angry, unanimous, 400-vote no-confidence resolutions, New York City’s largest police union called for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to immediately fire Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner […]

Tucker torches ‘self-righteous’ Kirsten Gillibrand in stinging send-off

Tucker Carlson celebrated the news of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s decision to drop out of the 2020 presidential race. The Fox News host slammed the “pampered hypocrite,” calling her the “worst […]