25 common sense truths that you’re no longer supposed to say

OPINION BY: John Hawkins

America is turning into such an intolerant, victim-centered, outrage-based, politically correct, that joke isn’t funny, how dare you hold an opposite opinion-centered culture, that a lot of people are afraid to tell you the truth anymore. It’s easier for people to sometimes just keep their heads down and hope that the outrage mob will pick another victim. But, unfortunately, when people become afraid to speak the truth, common sense can die in the darkness because everyone is caught up in saying what we’re “supposed to” believe instead. An America that encourages free speech, discourages censorship and believes in a free exchange of ideas will ALWAYS be superior to the ugly, backward “safe space” of a culture that so many people are trying to create today.

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1) All lives matter.

2) People wearing MAGA hats are risking far more to advance free speech and tolerance than most college professors do today.

3) Racism still exists, but it isn’t a serious impediment to anyone’s success in America like it used to be several decades ago.

4) Women make less money than men because they prefer less stressful work and take much more time off to raise kids.

5) You can’t be a good American if you don’t speak English.

6) The false accusations, the demonization of men, and the poisoning of relations between the sexes encouraged by the #MeToo movement have done more harm than the good done by the relatively tiny number of sexual abusers that were exposed because of it.

7) Even Nazis shouldn’t be censored or punched for their beliefs.

8) Allowing gay scoutmasters to take teen scouts into the woods will obviously lead to more sexual abuse of scouts. 

9) Any attempt for the government to confiscate all firearms would signal an end to our Republic and should be resisted at all costs, including violently if necessary.

10) If we are going to force the police to deal with the most mentally ill, dangerous, and violent people in our country on a daily basis, some people are going to deservedly be killed and there are also going to be some mistakes made. That is unavoidable and the people pretending otherwise are being unrealistic.

11) No one who immigrates to the United States should be eligible for any kind of welfare program.

12) It shouldn’t be considered ethical for psychologists to go along with the false idea that you can change genders and it shouldn’t be legal for doctors to do surgery or give hormones to a mentally ill person trying to become the other sex.

13) Most adults that are rich or poor deserve to be.

14) Just because a white person criticizes or gets into a conflict with a minority doesn’t mean it has anything to do with race. In fact, the vast majority of the time it doesn’t.

15) Drag queens are deviants and shouldn’t be allowed near children, much less allowed to be part of story times for kids.

16) There are only two genders.

17) If America were oppressive for minorities, they’d be leaving the country, not coming here in droves.

18) There isn’t enough proof that we’re experiencing global warming and that man is responsible for it to make radical changes designed to “fix it.”

19) 99 times out of a 100, a single mom can’t even come close to raising a child as well as a mother and father can.

20) It is okay to be white just like it’s okay to be every other race.

21) Anyone that brings their child with them as they break the law by crossing into America illegally is a bad parent and at fault, if they are separated from their child.

22) Diversity isn’t a strength that makes us better, it’s a weakness that takes many special steps (emphasis on assimilation, patriotism, colorblindness, etc.) to overcome.   

23) The more mass shootings there are, the more of a reason there is for law-abiding people to arm themselves, not for them to disarm.  

24) The proper remedy for speech isn’t censorship, it’s more speech. 

25) Slavery was a universal phenomenon and Americans should be prouder that we, along with Great Britain, did the most of any nations in history to end the practice than ashamed that our nation had slaves, just like everybody else.

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