Dana Loesch reality checks Brian Stelter in battle over ‘misleading’ ex-WH officials

(Screenshots from YouTube)

CNN’s Brian Stelter and conservative commentator Dana Loesch got into a war of words on Thursday over whether the Trump administration has purposefully misled the American people.

Stelter took to Twitter to question whether ex-Trump administration officials should be given public platforms after they leave office. He was specifically referring to the fact that former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is being hired as a political commentator on Fox News, and Sean Spicer is appearing on the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars.”

“Wrote this about Spicer and ABC last night, now it applies to Sanders and Fox too: How should ex-White House officials be treated when they spend months misleading the public, then seek positions of fame and privilege?” Stelter tweeted.

Loesch replied to the tweet to disagree with Stelter’s use of the term “misleading.”

“Disagreement doesn’t = willfully misleading. This attitude is partly why people refuse to see others — regardless the party — as anything other than walking issues. It dehumanizes others and the person doing it in the process,” she responded.

Stelter apparently didn’t see the logic in this simple statement and he took things a step further by then accusing Trump officials like Sanders of “deception.”

“We are living through a period of official lying that’s unprecedented in our lifetimes. The president misspeaks so much, with such gusto, that it’s become the defining feature of his administration. This isn’t about “disagreement,” as you claimed. It’s about deception,” the CNN host tweeted.

When a user chimed in and mentioned blatant lies pushed by the previous administration, Stelter laughably said the mainstream media called those lies out. Check out that small spat below:

Loesch then rightfully called out Stelter and the mainstream media of being in the pocket of the Obama administration and the narratives that administration pushed.

“Sorry — but they were? Because I clearly remember certain media outlets running defense against tea party folks who were targeted by the IRS. I also remember Holder intimating that law-abiding gun owners were to blame for Fast and Furious,” Loesch replied to Stelter.

She didn’t stop there either. She also went after the CNN host for pushing “partisan hyperbole.”

“Brian. The previous admin blamed law-abiding people for his gun-running program. He lied about doc access. Clinton folks work with ABC and your network today. To say current time is ‘unprecedented’ is pure partisan hyperbole. People are more than their politics,” she tweeted.

She added, “There are those on the left who insist on reducing people to issues because it aids their ability to justify maliciousness. If you want to talk about actual deception, there it is.”

Outspoken conservative and “Gosnell” star Dean Cain was also a little confused about Stelter’s original high horse tweet.

“Is this a parody account?” he asked when reposting the CNN host’s tweet.

Loesch also called out St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Chuck Raasch, who accused the current administration of “state-sponsored lying.”

“Disagreement is an entirely different thing than state-sponsored lying. When obvious facts are denied or distorted, that is not disagreeing, that is willful misleading from the bully pulpit. It’s corrosive to self-rule and to the institution and is ultimately unsustainable,” Raasch tweeted.

Loesch responded, “Where were you people the previous 8 years?”

Loesch then topped everything off with an epic takedown.

“Seriously — did you all JUST NOW discover a conscience? Sit down,” she tweeted.


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