Migrants detained in detention facilities sue U.S. over conditions

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Only in America.

It’s bad enough that illegal immigrants brazenly defy U.S. immigration laws, looking to exploit loopholes to their benefit, but now they are looking to use American courts to go after the U.S. government.

Of course, the real story here isn’t migrants being exploited by the left, but these open border liberals who are ever present on the border, enticing migrants to flock here by the tens of thousands, often assisting them along the way and providing for them when they arrive — to include offering free legal services.

In a move that keeps in the news an issue Democrats feel that have the upper hand on, (the treatment of illegal immigrants detained on the border) a group of migrants being held in U.S. detention facilities filed a lawsuit on Monday over alleged shoddy medical care and poor accommodations for disabilities, the Associated Press reported.

Filed by “disability and civil rights advocates,” the reported complaints from illegal immigrants included being placed in isolation as punishment. They also say that they are denied recommended medical treatment and surgery — it’s not clear who’s doing the recommending.

Other complaints in the class action lawsuit include being denied wheelchairs and a sign language interpreter for one deaf detainee.

Monica Porter, staff attorney at Disability Rights Advocates, told the AP the problems harm disabled immigrants and threaten those who get sick.

Tim Fox, co-executive director of the Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center, went after the private companies that often run the detention facilities.

“ICE cannot simply contract with third parties to operate its detention centers and then wash its hands of the deplorable, unlawful conditions in those detention centers,” Fox said, according to the news agency.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 15 illegal immigrants and nonprofits, and includes complaints from eight facilities, according to the AP.

The release of detainees, many of whom are fighting deportation, under “alternative programs” is among the changes being sought.

One of the plaintiffs, Faour Abdullah Fraihat, has been in a detention facility for two years. Fraihat, who was said to have converted to Christianity, is from Jordan and he reportedly lost vision in his left eye after being denied surgery recommended by an off-site doctor.

More on what U.S. officials have to contend with from AP:

Fraihat, 57, who has back and knee pain, said he was given a wheelchair but it was taken away after a month. For more than a year, he relied on officers to bring him food, the suit said. […]

Another detainee at the facility about 60 miles (100 kilometers) northeast of Los Angeles said he was placed in segregation for a week after filing a grievance against an officer, the suit said.

Luis Manuel Delgadillo, a 29-year-old who has lived most of his life in the United States, was on medication for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder but his treatment shifted after he was detained in May. Since then, his mental health has suffered, prompting him to miss two court dates, according to the lawsuit.

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