‘I have been called to act’: Elizabeth Warren’s Bible-quoting sermon is just awkward

Screen capture … Sen. Elizabeth Warren … Credit: Fox News

2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren attended a church service on Sunday in Columbia, South Carolina, and took to the pulpit to proclaim, after citing scripture and talking about her own spiritual journey, that the reason she is running for office is that “I have been called to act.”

The candidate who is gaining ground the fastest on Joe Biden in the Democrats’ race to the nomination is now apparently laying claim to being God’s chosen one. Or was it perhaps George Soros who got Warren’s phone number?

“Never in a million years did I think I would be running for office, first for United States senator from Massachusetts, and now for president of the United States. But the reason I did is I have been called to act,” Warren shamelessly told the congregation.


Video by Fox News

On Sunday morning, Warren spoke to black congregants at Reid Chapel AME Church in Greenview, an area with high voter engagement, according to The State. The church has also hosted 2020 hopefuls Marianne Williamson and Andrew Yang.

“I grew up in a family that didn’t have much, but I always grew up with a dream,” Warren said from the pulpit.

Regarding the senator’s time at the front of the congregation, Rev. Carey Grady said it is nothing out of the ordinary.

“We’re not doing anything that we wouldn’t normally do. We’re being authentic. We’re not putting on any airs because a presidential candidate is coming here,” he said.

Warren was raised United Methodist and she said that she once taught fifth-grade Sunday School. She quoted from Matthew 25, in which Jesus instructs his followers to provide for others, including the “least of these my brethren.”

“That’s about two things,” Warren said during the church service, according to Savannah Now. “Every single one of us has the Lord within us. Secondly, the Lord does not call on us to sit back. The Lord does not just call on us to have a good heart. The Lord calls on us to act.”

Savannah Now reported that the senator tried to tie her ideas ideas about economic regulation, taxation, criminal justice, and health care to the Bible. “This is a righteous fight,” Warren said.

Needless to say, there are plenty of cynics out there who aren’t hesitating to quibble with Warren’s divine call …


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