CNN steers softball interview carefully to give violent Antifa a new voice

(Screenshot from YouTube)

Leave it to CNN to give voice to violent Antifa thugs in the wake of Saturday’s clash with right-wing protesters.

The so called “anti-fascist” group embraces fascist tactics as they all but have the run of Portland streets, claiming to be preventing the very behavior they display in a city that has become ground zero for confrontations with those on the right who say they are taking a stand for free speech — that they proclaim support for President Trump adds kerosene to a raging fire.

CNN reporter Sara Sidner interviewed two masked members of the left-wing mob, who identified themselves as members of the Youth Liberation Front. The riot helmet one of them is wearing features the communist hammer and sickle, which speaks volumes on the ideology they speak of.

The reporter sets the tone by noting that Antifa is “standing up against these far right groups,” before tip-toeing around just how violent the group is.

“They come here so you will come out, and so that violence will erupt,” Sidner said. “They have been clear about that. Sometimes violence does erupt, do you agree that Antifa is sometimes violent, as is some of the folks on the right?”

“Certainly, there is violence in Antifa, because our goal is to stop fascism by any means,” the male protester said. “But we’re not being aggressive, I don’t think. I think it’s mostly being defensive, like when a Proud Boy tries to come hit us we’ll fight back.”

“We’re not here to start fights or rabble-rouse,” he added. “We’re just here to block the Proud Boys from unfurling their banners and spreading their ideas and potentially attacking people on the street.”

The remarks are a flat contradiction from what is happening on the lawless streets of Portland, but CNN let them stand with no challenge.

The two being interviewed are clearly young, upper class white people, with the girl stating that she is a minor — this being her justification for masking her identity.

The girl told CNN, “If cops show up at my … er, if Proud Boys show up at my door that would be particularly bad.”

Given CNN’s apparent dedication to destroying Trump, Sidner made it a point to ask the pair for their thoughts on the president tweeting that the group may be declared a terror organization.

“Consideration is being given to declaring ANTIFA, the gutless Radical Left Wack Jobs who go around hitting (only non-fighters) people over the heads with baseball bats, a major Organization of Terror (along with MS-13 & others). Would make it easier for police to do their job!” Trump tweeted on Saturday ahead of the protests.

The male offered a nonsensical answer that betrays just how uninformed they are.

“We’re not like a political party or something. We’re just a political ideology. So when you call a political ideology terrorism, it gives you leeway to just call anyone Antifa and arrest them,” he said.

This being the same zealots who reserved the right to call anyone a fascist or a Nazi, simply for holding different political views.

As for the claim that Antifa’s cause is to oppose Proud Boys, the Washington Examiner reported that the right-wing protest ended “around noon,” noting that the Antifa mob “stayed in the park and spread out into the downtown area.”

In effect, they were spoiling for a fight and went in search of one and DC Examiner’s Julio Rosas captured it on camera.

“We didn’t come here to talk, we came here to bang it out,” said an uber-aggressive, shirtless Antifa member, in one clip — the man would later threaten Rosas.

Here’s additional footage of the thugs in action, to include video of the shirtless man being arrested … even as CNN saw fit to give the violent movement a voice on national television.

Tom Tillison


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