Antifa thugs knock man unconscious, attack young girl. Portland mayor declares ‘largely peaceful event’

Right-wing protesters clashed with violent Antifa members in the lawless streets of Portland, Oregon, on Saturday, resulting in sporadic skirmishes.

In one incident, a man and a young girl became separated from the protesters on the right and were set upon by a gang of Antifa thugs. Dozens and dozens of them. Like a pack of wild dogs, they chased their prey.

With no police in sight, the man, dressed in a Spartacus costume, and the young girl desperately fled for their lives.

Conservative reporter Andy Ngo, who was severely beaten in Portland last month by left-wing members of the alleged “anti-fascist” group, posted video of the two being attacked:

“One of the people charge after them with a glass bottle in-hand,” Ngo reported.

Another angle capturing how intense the situation was is seen below, with the man frantically trying to protect the girl.

“Don’t touch her!” he is heard saying repeatedly, as the mob corners him — it’s not known for certain who the young girl is, although there were some suggestions that it was his daughter.

Police appeared to be selective in when they would intervene. Ngo pointed to a scene where another small group on the right got separated and was attacked.

In the videos he shared of the incident, Ngo noted that police were initially protecting the group, but would back off.

“The police decided to stop protecting that small conservative group that got separated & Antifa went after them,” he tweeted.

When the mob set upon the right-wingers, he said police would “finally step in again.”

In another incident, a man was knocked unconscious, according to Ngo. As the man’s partner tried to render aid, the Antifa mob can be seen standing over them, taunting the couple.

In a video put out by The Post Millennial, the man is seen getting to his feet, “dazed and bloodied,” before collapsing in a parking lot.

A line of police officers are seen in the video looking on, offering no assistance whatsoever to the man.

Portland’s left-wing Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler, who has been widely criticized for his tolerance of Antifa, who all but rule the streets in the city, later claimed that the day was “largely peaceful.”

“Given the continuing movement and the number of people involved, I am grateful that this was a largely peaceful event,” Wheeler said, according to Fox News. “Police did an exemplary job of de-escalating the situation, keeping the extremists on both sides separate for the most part, and of limiting interactions between individuals.”

Overall, 13 people were reportedly arrested on Saturday.

Far-right members of the Proud Boys and Three Percenters militia group were among those on hand, as well as Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson.

Gibson was arrested in Portland on Friday after being charged for felony rioting for a previous protest he led in the city — he would later be released on bail.

The violence continued even as the right-wing protesters tried to leave, as seen below when they were attacked while boarding buses … in the “largely peaceful event.”

Tom Tillison


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